Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1626 - The type he likes

Chapter 1626: The type he likes

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“How about it? This deal is a steal, right?” Shen Tianchen asked confidently.

“Heh…” Ji Xiuran’s eyes were downcast, amusement flitting through his gentle gaze.

Shen Tianchen blinked. “Why are you laughing, Emperor Ji?”

Ji Xiuran replied, “How does Young Master Shen know the type of women I like?”

“The type you like is proper, noble, and elegant ladies from prestigious families, of course! I-isn’t that right?” Shen Tianchen looked doubtful.

Ji Xiuran retained his smile, but his tone conveyed that he wasn’t joking at all. “It isn’t.”


Huh? What?

Shen Tianchen was stunned. “You… you aren’t telling me… you… you like women like Bai Feng, right?! That’s illogical!”

Shen Tianchen didn’t expect there to be someone with such a hardcore and unusual taste like him! And this someone was the gentle and graceful gentleman, Ji Xiuran.

However, Ji Xiuran didn’t admit or deny it.

He isn’t tacitly admitting it, right?

It’s fine, it’s fine! Calm down!

There’s one more still!

Shen Tianchen finally managed to gather his wits after a day and anxiously turned to Lord Asura. “What… what about you, Lord Asura?”

“Apologies, I’m afraid I can’t agree to this business deal.”

“What? You also won’t agree? Why?” Shen Tianchen was puzzled.

“The literal meaning,” Lord Asura replied.

After saying that, the man exchanged glances with Ji Xiuran, coldness brimming from each other’s eyes.

“D*mn! What do you mean by the literal meaning?!” Shen Tianchen was about to break down.

It can’t be the reason I think, right?

Can both of these bosses… Has this world gone mad…?

On the other hand, Ye Wanwan was trying her hardest to eavesdrop on Shen Tianchen’s conversation with Ji Xiuran and Lord Asura, but she was unfortunately too far away and couldn’t clearly hear them at all.

At that moment, a loud commotion was suddenly heard ahead of them.

The packed crowd promptly parted to the sides, yielding a path.

A group of guards wearing uniforms embroidered with the Nie family’s emblem formidably charged in Ye Wanwan’s direction accompanied by the steward who blocked them earlier, along with Madam Nie, Worriless Nie, and Nie Linglong.

Nameless Nie was also present, and the middle-aged man wearing the solemn expression next to him was probably Patriarch Nie.

The whole Nie family had set out in full strength.

Ye Wanwan raised her eyebrows, sensing that her impending doom had arrived.


Worriless Nie charged to the forefront and swiftly dashed toward Tangtang, sweeping him into her arms.

The little fella’s brows deeply furrowed as he left Ye Wanwan’s side.

This woman was too strong, hurting him with her “embrace.”

“Quick! Guards! Seize this criminal!” Worriless Nie ordered severely.

Ye Wanwan was surrounded by a group of Nie family guards in the blink of an eye.

The steward with bandages wrapped around his wrist leaped forward and indignantly ran to Madam Nie and Patriarch, pointing at Ye Wanwan as he accused, “Patriarch, Madam, it’s this woman who acted barbarically in front of the Nie estate and abducted Little Young Master after violently injuring me!”

“Bai Feng, you’re too malicious! I knew it! I knew you had ulterior motives for approaching my brother and Tangtang! It’s a shame my brother trusted you so much! How could you do such a cruel thing without even sparing a child?!” Worriless Nie sobbed and furiously shouted as she hugged Tangtang, the embodiment of a grieving and furious mother.

As for Nie Linglong, she merely stood next to Madam Nie placidly and aloofly looked down her nose at the surrounded Ye Wanwan.

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