Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1625 - Want to discuss a deal with the two of you

Chapter 1625: Want to discuss a deal with the two of you

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As soon as the little fella said that, the man’s glacial eyes cracked abruptly, astonishment and complicated feelings flashing through them.


Ye Wanwan was also shocked, so she missed the obvious abnormality in the man’s eyes.

What surprised Ye Wanwan was that she didn’t expect Tangtang to actually like Si Ye Han in reality since he appeared not to get along with Si Yehan on the surface.

From Tangtang’s point of view, Si Yehan was gentle.

That’s right… gentle…

Si Yehan truly was very gentle back then…

She randomly brought a child back to look after and requested him to pretend to be the child’s father, and he agreed unconditionally.

Back then, she never expected things to end up like this between them one day…

Lord Asura and the little fella were staring at each other. Ye Wanwan glanced at the older man then the younger child, her expression a little dazed.

In terms of looks, Tangtang actually took after his mom more. His nose, mouth, chin, forehead… they all resembled her more.

However… his eyes… were extremely similar to Si Yehan’s…

Moreover, this child’s typical personality and expressions… She already felt like he and Si Yehan truly looked like father and son back in China.

Could… could Tangtang and Si Yehan really be…?

She could be excused for being ignorant of Tangtang’s existence since she lost her memory, but why was the culprit, Si Yehan, also clueless about Tangtang?

After all, having similar eyes and personalities couldn’t explain everything.

If they delved into things, Tangtang actually seemed more familiar with Emperor Ji.

“Hehehe… Emperor Ji, Lord Asura, may I speak with you privately? I’d like to discuss a deal with the two of you!” Shen Tianchen’s eyes shifted as he thought of something and requested the other two men with a mischievous chuckle.

As a member of the four great clans, Shen Tianchen might act slovenly, but his influence originated in his financial resources, strictly speaking, so he was doubtlessly a person every faction wanted to befriend.

Regardless of a person’s faction, no one wanted to be on bad terms with a god of wealth, so everyone would show him some courtesy.

Ji Xiuran and Lord Asura were no exceptions.

Ji Xiuran genially replied, “Of course. Lead the way, Young Master Shen.”

Lord Asura also followed them to the nearby clubhouse corridor.

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows at the three men’s departing figures. What havoc was Shen Tianchen up to this time?

Tangtang fretted with worry. “Mommy, that Shen guy is definitely up to no good!”

In reality, Tangtang’s guess was rather accurate.

When they reached an empty space, Shen Tianchen said to the two men in a conniving manner, “Please name a price, Emperor Ji, Lord Asura!”

“Name a price?” Ji Xiuran asked.

“What do you mean, Young Master Shen?” echoed Lord Asura.

One man was gentle like the spring breeze while the other man was dark and chilly like a winter night, but they both spoke almost at the same time.

Shen Tianchen smiled. “Ah, bosses, I can tell what type of women you two like with a single glance. A vicious and licentious woman like President Bai—she definitely isn’t your type…”

“Since it’s like that, why don’t you help me succeed?! As long as you two cooperate with me and withdraw, the price is negotiable!”

Shen Tianchen’s logic was simple.

Since he wasn’t successful going Beautiful Miss Bai’s route, then he’d take a different path!

He was simply too clever!

Ji Xiuran: “…”

Lord Asura: “…”

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