Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1624 - I like mountains of gold but I like beauties even more

Chapter 1624: I like mountains of gold but I like beauties even more

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She had an ambiguous relationship with Emperor Ji one moment and seduced Shen Tianchen the next moment…

How could my Lord be tarnished by this kind of woman?!

As soon as he recalled the night when he accidentally stumbled into his Lord’s room and witnessed what this woman did to his Lord, he felt like his Lord suffered cosmic humiliation and sullying.

He had to find the antidote for the gu poison no matter what!

Lord Asura expressionlessly nodded at her in greeting. “President Bai.”

His expression looked like they weren’t familiar at all and everything that happened before was nonexistent, pissing Ye Wanwan off.

As for Shen Tianchen, his mind was in utter chaos already. So is Lord Asura this child’s dad or not?

No… I found a woman this suitable for me with such difficulty… I absolutely can’t give up this easily!

Shen Tianchen bashfully looked at Ye Wanwan. “President Bai, if you don’t want it as a betrothal gift… it… it can be my dowry instead!”

So what if they were more powerful than him? He was richer. So what if they had a higher standing than him? He was richer. So what if they were more handsome than him? He was still richer!

He didn’t believe anybody in this world could resist his charms!

Even if his competitors were Emperor Ji and Lord Asura!

After Shen Tianchen said that, he inexplicably felt a chill directed at his back.

Wait, no, it feels like… two waves of chills?

No… three waves…

He carefully examined the three people present aside from him and Bai Feng. Emperor Ji maintained his calm smile, Lord Asura was expressionless, and the little child… he was even more unpredictable.

“…” Ye Wanwan had nothing to say. Where’s this fool’s integrity…?

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath then swept her eyes over Ji Xiuran and Lord Asura in a seemingly nonchalant manner. She said with a smile, “Young Master Shen, my sincerest apologies. I like mountains of gold, of course. However, while I like mountains of gold, I like beauties even more! To me… a beauty’s smile can’t be bought for one thousand in gold.”

Although Ye Wanwan said “A beauty’s smile can’t be bought for one thousand in gold,” she didn’t specify who she was referring to.

When Lord Asura heard her, dark emotions flashed through his face, and something flitted through his eyes.

Shen Tianchen clutched his chest as though an arrow was shot into his heart and pitifully said, “Actually… I’m also really good-looking when I smile… Take another careful look, beautiful miss…”

Shen Tianchen’s face was truly gifted and he could easily leap into the ranks of A-list actors in China, the type who could explode in popularity based on looks alone. Unfortunately, his other two opponents set standards off the charts.

Ye Wanwan coughed. “Ah, Young Master Shen, this… actually has nothing to do with looks…”

Shen Tianchen solemnly glanced at her. “Nothing to do with looks… Doesn’t your conscience hurt when you say that, President Bai?”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

She seriously wanted to kill him still…

At this moment, Tangtang abruptly looked up at the man standing in front of them. “You really aren’t my daddy?”

Lord Asura peered down, his gaze landing on the fair child he hadn’t seen in ages, and his iron-walled emotions actually lost a little control.

He was silent for at least three seconds before coolly replying at last, “You have the wrong person.”

Tangtang stared at him, seeming to accept his answer. He said with conviction, “Sorry, I recognized the wrong person. You’re not Daddy; my daddy is very gentle.”

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