Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1623 - What a coincidence, we meet again

Chapter 1623: What a coincidence, we meet again

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Ye Wanwan facepalmed, exasperated. “No thanks…”

She really wasn’t interested in mountains of gold and silver… It was useless!

But this… Forget it…

After being rejected, Shen Tianchen stared at her and questioned, “But… President Bai… isn’t there something wrong with what you said earlier… if Emperor Ji is supposedly your one and only true love in your life… then who’s the father of your son?”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Why’s this landlord’s foolish son so hard to placate?! I should just kill him now!

While Ye Wanwan was agonizing over her desire to beat him up, Tangtang suddenly stared at a nearby spot and called, “Daddy…”

Huh? Daddy?

What the h*ll?

Ye Wanwan reflexively followed Tangtang’s gaze.

And… she actually saw… a man wearing a black suit and emitting a chilly aura as always… Lord Asura…

The man just exited from the entrance of a high-end clubhouse with a group of followers trailing behind him. His eyes imperceptibly swept across Ye Wanwan, Emperor Ji, and Tangtang, who were standing together like a family of three. His eyes turned as icy as the wintry Arctic, and a frigid aura radiated from him.

Does it… freaking have to be so coincidental?

Ye Wanwan had intentionally given Lord Asura the cold shoulder for a period of time and didn’t expect to run into him under these circumstances after many days of separation…

“Sh… sh*t…?!” Shen Tianchen’s jaw was about to drop as he stared at the man who Tangtang called “Daddy.”

Wasn’t… wasn’t this Lord Asura?

What did this child call Lord Asura?

Bai Feng actually managed to charm Lord Asura, and they had such a big child already???

Then what was the situation with Ji Xiuran?

So… she was two-timing?

Admiration brimmed from Shen Tianchen’s eyes as he turned to Ye Wanwan.

He thought he was unruly enough already but didn’t expect her to be even more arrogant.

Her harem was rather… impressive…

“Daddy…” Tangtang automatically called when he saw that familiar face—a face he saw every day during his three months in China.

Although their father and son relationship seemed aloof in China, there was obvious joy in Tangtang’s eyes when he saw the newcomer.

“Lord… Lord Asura…” Shen Tianchen was stupefied. “Cherub, what… what did you just call him?”

When Lord Asura saw the little fella holding hands with Ji Xiuran, his cold eyes seemed to sparkle for a second like ice melting a tinge, but soon, aloofness returned, and he looked at the child like a stranger.

Tangtang detected the man’s reaction, his brows furrowing and face dimming. Confusion also entered his face.

Ye Wanwan ignored Shen Tianchen’s exclamation. After noticing Tangtang’s emotions, she looked down and explained to him, “Tangtang, he isn’t the person you know. They merely look alike.”

She couldn’t explain everything to Tangtang, so she could only tell him that.

“Not Daddy…” the little fella mumbled with a frown and looked up to examine the other man again. Their hair color is obviously the only thing different though.

Ye Wanwan gathered her thoughts and calmly greeted, “Lord Asura, what a coincidence! We meet again!”

“Vixen…” Jiang Yan, standing behind Lord Asura, didn’t vocalize this, but the shape of his lips made it apparent he was saying that.

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