Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1622 - : Rich in beautiful paramours

Chapter 1622: Rich in beautiful paramours

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“Mommy…” Tangtang called as he led Ji Xiuran toward Ye Wanwan, waking her up.

“Mommy, this is my Uncle Ji!” The difference in the little fella’s attitude toward Ji Xiuran and Shen Tianchen was like night and day, and he passionately introduced Ji Xiuran to her.

The little fella turned to Ji Xiuran. “Uncle Ji, this is my mommy who I mentioned to you.”

Ji Xiuran chuckled lightly. “I know. I know your mommy.”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. It was more than just “knowing”…

They’re even secret lovers…

“Really?” Joyful surprise filled the little fella’s face instantly.

“Ah! Emperor Ji, what a coincidence! I’m currently accompanying President Bai with her shopping!” Shen Tianchen waved his hand holding the tanghulu.

Ji Xiuran didn’t react oddly to his words and faintly smiled at the other man. “Congratulations on opening a business, Young Master Shen. I prepared some humble gifts for you and sent them to your home.”

“Ah, you’re too polite, Emperor Ji!” Shen Tianchen smiled radiantly.

Ji Xiuran smiled before turning to Ye Wanwan. He used one hand to expertly take the cake box from her hand as well as the bags of snacks before holding Tangtang with the other hand. Then he said to Shen Tianchen. “Thank you for taking care of Xiao Feng, Young Master Shen.”

Shen Tianchen’s mouth turned o-shaped upon seeing this. Ehhh… what… what’s going on?

Emperor Ji and Bai Feng…

Emperor Ji can’t possibly be interested in the beautiful miss too, right?

Shen Tianchen was confident Beautiful Miss Bai wouldn’t reject him since he was equipped with both money and looks.

Now though… this… this love rival was rather strong…

Sweat slid down Shen Tianchen’s forehead.

“Eh, President Bai, when you said there was someone you liked earlier, could it be… could it be that Emperor Ji is that one and only true love in your life?”

As Shen Tianchen said that, he wondered who this beautiful miss had this child with if things were like that. What happened to the one and only true love in her life that she mentioned? She wasn’t trying to fool him, right…

Due to her desire to get rid of Shen Tianchen and her strong survival instinct when facing Ji Xiuran, Ye Wanwan nodded vehemently. “That’s right!”

Tangtang blinked, appearing to be elated.

Ji Xiuran retained the same calm and unperturbed expression from the beginning. It might be Ye Wanwan’s imagination, but she felt like Ji Xiuran’s smile seemed a few degrees warmer than his usual characteristic smile?

Shen Tianchen’s head pounded as soon as he heard that. He wasn’t scared of many people in the entire Independent State when it came to charming women.

However, the love rival in front of him was truly too frightening…

Shen Tianchen hesitated for a long while and decided it was a bit too difficult and dangerous to have a stand off against Emperor Ji. He finally asked, “Beautiful miss, do you accept concubines?”

“…!!!” Ye Wanwan simply wanted to cudgel him to death for daring to ask her if she took concubines in front of Ji Xiuran.

I don’t take any, alright?!

Since the Independent State revered the strong, and men and women were equals, powerful men weren’t the only ones who could be rich in beautiful paramours—women also could.

“Ah, I have no choice then. We can only… have a fair competition!” Shen Tianchen sighed.

Shen Tianchen immediately took out a sparkling gold key from his pocket. “Beautiful miss, this is the key to our Shen Tianchen’s treasury! A word from you and I can use this as your betrothal gift!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Hah… what happened to a “fair competition”?

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