Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1621 - He doesn’t suit Mommy

Chapter 1621: He doesn’t suit Mommy

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Ye Wanwan broke into laughter. “Why?”

Tangtang answered immediately, “He doesn’t suit Mommy!”

Ye Wanwan was intrigued. “Oh? If he doesn’t suit Mommy, then who do you think suits Mommy?”

The little fella lowered his eyes and sunk into contemplation.

“Beautiful miss, beautiful miss, try this… I’ll feed you…” Shen Tianchen eagerly approached her with a tanghulu 1 in hand.

Ye Wanwan had a headache as she looked at Shen Tianchen. Since a roundabout rejection was useless, she could only straightforwardly say, “Apologies, Young Master Shen, but I already like someone else.”

Shen Tianchen didn’t look like he cared at all and grinned as he replied, “I know, I know! You like beautiful men, President Bai. If we’re talking about looks, I should meet your standards, right, President Bai?”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. Just how bad was Bai Feng’s reputation…? Did everyone know about her lascivious nature?

Ye Wanwan helplessly explained, “That’s not what I meant. I’m saying I have a lover; he’s the one and only true love of my life and not someone I’m casually having fun with.”

Shen Tianchen righteously said, “President Bai, for a woman who’s endowed with beauty but also intelligence, intelligence but also martial strength, and martial strength but also viciousness like you, how could you halt your steps for a single flower?! Your path should traverse the universe; there are still so many beautiful men waiting for you to conquer them, like me for example…”

“…” That’s enough!!!

Ye Wanwan couldn’t get through to him no matter what she said and was agonizing over how to ditch Shen Tianchen when she heard a gentle voice ahead of them.

“Xiao Feng.”

Eh? Ji Xiuran?

Ye Wanwan didn’t know how to describe her mood upon seeing Ji Xiuran under these circumstances.

She had been impersonating Bai Feng, Ji Xiuran’s fiancée, so she didn’t have any mental barriers about this before and it was fine for her to act in front of him.

Now though… who could’ve expected her real identity to actually be Ji Xiuran’s fiancée…

She didn’t have the words to describe her feelings.

What further complicated her mood was that she recalled Madam Nie saying it was Ji Xiuran who broke the engagement back then and was unwilling to marry Worriless Nie.

Ji Xiuran rejected the Nie family’s engagement and secretly got together with Bai Feng…

Hm, does this mean I was… cheated on by Ji Xiuran?

Before Ye Wanwan could respond, Tangtang swiftly darted forward to Ji Xiuran and cheerfully shouted, “Uncle Ji, Uncle Ji! Tangtang really missed you!”

A warm smile spread across Ji Xiuran’s face and he reached out, his large hand patting the little fella’s head.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but feel surprised upon seeing this, and her temples twitched.

Tangtang rarely acted so enthusiastically toward anyone but her. Ye Wanwan didn’t expect him to be so familiar with Ji Xiuran.

However, thinking about it, it wasn’t too strange. The Ji family and the Nie family had an amicable relationship, and Ji Xiuran and Worriless Nie, aka her, even once had an engagement, so it was normal for Ji Xiuran to know Tangtang.

Theoretically speaking though, if Tangtang wasn’t Ji Xiuran’s son, it meant Ji Xiuran was cheated on, so how come Ji Xiuran still treated Tangtang so nicely?

Did this mean… Tangtang couldn’t be Ji Xiuran and her child, right?!

Ye Wanwan was shocked by her own wild imagination!

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