Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1620 - He’s my son

Chapter 1620: He’s my son

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The food street was brightly lit and decorated with glittering gold. The wide assortment of exquisitely-made street food made everyone dizzy from the selection and drool with desire. Moreover, everything was free, so it attracted a torrent of customers and unusual liveliness in the area.

For some reason, Ye Wanwan recalled that time in China where she and Si Yehan brought Tangtang to the amusement park and their family of three spent the whole day having fun there…

Ye Wanwan gathered her thoughts and asked, “Baby, what do you want to eat?”

Tangtang’s head swirled left and right. It was obvious he was dazzled from the selection.

Hence, Ye Wanwan generously waved her hand. “Then let’s taste every one of them!”

Ye Wanwan kept shopping as she walked and purchased takoyaki, skewers, cold noodles, and all kinds of street food, eagerly stuffing it into the little fella’s hands after buying it.

As the mother and son duo ate while they walked, a person suddenly charged toward her like a whirlwind. “Ah, beautiful miss, we meet again!”

Ye Wanwan saw the newcomer and her brows raised. “Young Master Shen…”

“That’s right, that’s right. What an extreme honor that you still remember me, beautiful miss! Look at this beautiful setting around us. Aren’t you bored by yourself, beautiful miss? Why don’t you allow me to accompany you…” Shen Tianchen was joyfully hitting on her when he suddenly detected a sharp gaze shooting toward him like a dagger.

Only then did Shen Tianchen look down and meet a pair of bright and icy eyes.

“Apologies, Mommy isn’t by herself,” the little fella solemnly stated while staring at the man above him, his hand firmly holding onto his mommy’s hand.

“Eh… You… you are…?” Shen Tianchen stared in shock at the child calling Ye Wanwan “Mommy.”

Ye Wanwan chuckled softly and patted the ruffled child. “He’s my son!”

The little fella was startled at first before resplendent light shot out of his eyes.

“Wh… what…? You… you have a son?” Shen Tianchen was shocked.

Ye Wanwan thought it would be perfect to use Tangtang to eliminate Shen Tianchen’s crush.

Hence, she said, “Yeah. What? Is that a problem?”

Adoration brimmed from the man’s expression. “For a woman who’s endowed with beauty but also intelligence, intelligence but also martial strength, and martial strength but also viciousness like President Bai, it’d be logical for you to have 10 sons, let alone 1! Don’t worry, beautiful miss, I absolutely don’t mind!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

What? 10 sons?! Can’t he say less scary things? I’m shocked enough with one son!

When Tangtang heard him, his little face darkened again and his displeasure grew as he stared at Shen Tianchen.

“Beautiful miss, eat anything you want here!” Shen Tianchen generously proclaimed, exemplifying a filthy rich person.

“Couldn’t I eat whatever I wanted to begin with…?”

“Ah! That’s true! But you should be treated differently, beautiful miss. I’ll personally accompany you today!” Shen Tianchen said.

“…” Ye Wanwan was exasperated. I don’t need it, okay?

Unfortunately, Shen Tianchen wasn’t an easy person to dismiss. He forcefully followed her and Tangtang the whole time with an especially eagerly attentive attitude.

After all, since this whole street belonged to his family, Ye Wanwan couldn’t get rid of him even if she wanted to.

“Mommy…” Tangtang cautiously stared at Shen Tianchen and covertly pulled her hand.

Ye Wanwan looked down and asked quietly, “What is it, baby?”

Tangtang hesitated for half a day before saying with a solemn expression, “Mommy, please don’t like this person!”

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