Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1619 - Hold Mommy’s hand forever

Chapter 1619: Hold Mommy’s hand forever

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After leaving the Nie residence, Ye Wanwan brought Tangtang to the most high-end custom-made cake shop in the Independent State.

As soon as Ye Wanwan arrived, the owner fearfully came out to receive them personally. He immediately prepared all the ingredients and equipment when he discovered Ye Wanwan wanted to make a cake personally.

When Ye Wanwan first suggested this, the little fella looked a bit unwilling, but when they started making the cake together, it was evident he was particularly happy.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but have mixed feelings as she watched Tangtang’s joyful appearance.

This wasn’t the right timing for her to tell Tangtang the truth, so right now, that fake Worriless Nie was his real mother to him…

“Mommy, Mommy, Tangtang’s done!”

Tangtang’s voice caused Ye Wanwan to return to the present. Her vision cleared and she saw that Tangtang finished hand-crafting his cake. The cake had flowers meticulously crafted from icing which were lining the edges and a giant heart made from cherries placed in the center.

“It’s very beautiful! Tangtang’s too awesome!” Ye Wanwan praised him immediately.

The little fella shyly pursed his lips before lifting the cake and handing it to Ye Wanwan. “Mommy… it’s for you!”

Ye Wanwan was taken back. “For me? Didn’t you make it for your mom?”

Tangtang brightly stared at her and seriously said, “But Tangtang wants to give it to Mommy. This is Tangtang’s first time making a cake, so Tangtang wants to give it to Mommy!”

The “Mommy” that Tangtang was referring to was her…

Because this was his first time making it, it was the most important, so he wanted to give it to her.

Warmth flowed through Ye Wanwan’s heart, and she leaned over to embrace the little fella. “Thank you… Thank you, Tangtang…”

Thank you, my baby…

This is the most precious birthday present I’ve ever received…

“Does Mommy like it?”

“I like it! Of course I like it!”

“Then let’s eat it together, Mommy!”


Mother and son devoured the little cake together before making another one.

This time, the little fella only made a few flowers and leaves with the icing but didn’t place a heart in the center.

The little fella’s mood plunged as soon as they finished packing up the cake. “Mommy… are you going to take me home now?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at the time. “It’s still early. Mommy will take you to have dinner first, how about that?”

Tangtang nodded instantly. “Yes!”

And so, Ye Wanwan left the cake shop, one hand holding Tangtang and the other hand holding the cake.

However, the moment they stepped out of the shop, Ye Wanwan discovered a sea of people in front of them, and they didn’t have any room to walk.

“What’s going on up ahead?” Ye Wanwan mumbled.

A person trying to squeeze through the crowd answered, “The Shen family’s food street is having a grand opening up ahead, and there’s a giant promotion on the first day! Everything is free…”

Ah, the Shen family’s food street was having a grand opening…

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. It truly was the Shen family’s style to make everything free.

“Mommy…” The place was rather crowded, so Tangtang anxiously grasped the edge of Ye Wanwan’s clothes. “Mommy, stay close to Tangtang. Don’t get separated from me.”

Ye Wanwan chuckled lightly and clasped Tangtang’s hand. “This way we won’t get separated!”

Joy filled the little fella’s eyes and his lips curved upwards, two cute dimples emerging from his fair cheeks. “En…”

I want to… I want to hold Mommy’s hand forever…

Since foot traffic was heavy up ahead and the food street was developed by the Independent State’s tycoon, the Shen family, it should be decent. Hence, Ye Wanwan led Tangtang forward to join the festivities.

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