Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1618 - They could do anything

Chapter 1618 They could do anything

Ye Wanwan led Tangtang out of the estate’s gates.

The little fella suddenly dropped his head and stopped walking. “Tangtang, what is it?” Ye Wanwan asked as she leaned down. “Mommy… Tangtang should go back,” the little fella quietly said.

Ye Wanwan blinked. “Why? Tangtang doesn’t want to be with Mommy:”

The little fella immediately looked up emotionally. “Of course not! Tangtang wants to be with Mommy! Tangtang always wants to be with Mommy… But Grandpa and Grandma will get angry, Tangtang doesn’t want to cause trouble for Mommy…”

He knew that even if Grandpa and Grandma didn’t do anything to him, he’d definitely cause trouble for Mommy.

Ye Wanwan was incredibly moved by the little fella’s consideration. She gently said, “Don’t worry, baby, you won’t. Mommy’s here; Mommy guarantees Grandpa and Grandma won’t be angry and Mommy won’t get into trouble, so don’t worry and come with Mommy, okay?”

Heh, even if there was trouble, it would be other people getting into trouble…

“Okay!” The little fella vehemently nodded, his eyes brimming with trust and dependence.



“Can Mommy call Tangtang ‘Baby’ again?” the little fella asked hesitantly.

Ye Wanwan chuckled softly. “Of course! Tangtang is forever Mommy’s baby!”

The little fella immediately replied back with sparkling eyes, “Mommy is also Tangtang’s baby!”

Ye Wanwan met his eyes, shining as bright as the starry night, and couldn’t help but clutch her chest. Heavens… How can my precious baby be so adorable and cute…?

Such an adorable and cute child is actually my child! Mine!!! Her eyes were nearly spitting fire from envy the first time. She wondered just what kind of genes his parents had to have to produce such an adorable and pretty child…

She never would’ve expected herself to be Tangtang’s mom… This was simply too… miraculous…

She was clueless about the circumstances in which she had Tangtang.

She actually didn’t have any memories of this event!

Such a precious memory…

Just what in the world happened back then that could make her bear to abandon Tangtang…?

She was clueless about the identity of Tangtang’s father too… Ye Wanwan gently looked at the little fella. “Baby, can you call me ‘Mommy’ againe”

The little fella happily agreed, of course, and childishly called, “Mommy~”

“Good boy…”

Ye Wanwan patted the child’s head and forcefully repressed her intense emotions before saying, “Oh right, Tangtang, I heard your uncle mentioning it’s your mom’s birthday in a few days?” She previously learned from Nameless Nie that Worriless Nie’s birthday was November 23rd.

In other words, her true birthday was November 23rd.

When the little fella heard Ye Wanwan mention that “mom,” his eyes dimmed, and he nodded. “Yes.”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted, and she rubbed her chin as she said, “Hm, how about this, baby? I’ll bring you to a cake shop for fun today, and you can personally make a cake for your mom! It can be… a birthday surprise for her!”

Tangtang cast down his eyes, struggle evident on his little face. “Will Mommy accompany Tangtang?”

Ye Wanwan smiled. “Of course Mommy will accompany Tangtang! Mommy will accompany Tangtang the whole day today!”

The little fella’s face brightened instantly. “Tangtang wants to go”

As long as he could be with Mommy for longer, they could do anything…

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