Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1617 - There’s nothing that I, Bai Feng, am scared of

Chapter 1617 There’s nothing that I, Bai Feng, am scared of

She had to meet with Scarlet Flames Academy’s headmaster as soon as possible and recover her memory…

Otherwise, with her current situation, not only could she not protect herself, but she also couldn’t protect the people she wanted to protect.

“Bai Feng! You… you actually dared to… act atrociously in front of the Nie residence…” The young steward viciously glared at her, malice brewing in his eyes.

“Baby, you can open your eyes now,” Ye Wanwan said to Tangtang with an oddly gentle tone as she leaned down before immediately chillingly glancing at the man lying on the ground. She chuckled lightly. “Heh, there’s nothing that I, Bai Feng, am scared of in this world. Do you want to try me?”

It had to be said that it was quite satisfying to use her identity as the Independent State’s tyrant…

Now that she could use her identity as the president of the Fearless Alliance to investigate Nie Linglong and since the enemy was in the light while she was in the dark, it was more advantageous for her.

“You…” The steward was probably wary of the Fearless Alliance’s name and recalled their terrorizing style, so reluctance flashed through his eyes, and he didn’t say anything more.

Ye Wanwan was originally worried she acted too violently and would be disliked by Tangtang.

However, Tangtang was looking up at her with sparkling eyes as he exclaimed, “Mommy’s really awesome!”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes softened, filling with heartache.

Mommy isn’t awesome at all… Mommy caused you to be alone ever since you were born…

Mommy didn’t even know about your existence…

“Tangtang, how about Mommy takes you out to play today?” Ye Wanwan asked the little fella.

The young master steward got up and angrily shouted, “Bai Feng, Miss Worriless ordered that no one is permitted to leave the Nie residence with Little Young Master. Do you know the consequences of brazenly kidnapping our Little Young Master?”

As soon as the steward spoke, the guards blocked Ye Wanwan’s path instantly.


She was Madam Nie’s foster daughter, and Madam Nie told her that she could enter and leave as she pleased. If they were worried about Tangtang’s safety, nothing was safer than being with her, the president of the Fearless Alliance.

These people were merely instructed by Nie Linglong and “Worriless Nie” and purely wanted to make trouble.

Hence, she didn’t plan to talk logic with them.

Ye Wanwan was holding Tangtang’s little hand when her lips turned up as she nonchalantly ran her eyes over everyone present. “It appears you’d all like to see my Fearless Alliance’s Seven Kill Order for yourself?”

When the guards present heard the words “Seven Kill Order,” chills automatically ran down their backs as though they recalled something extremely terrifying.

The entire clan would be destroyed within seven days; there’d never been an exception.

Although failing their duty would cause them to face punishment from the patriarch, provoking the Fearless Alliance would cause their whole family to be destroyed…

Moreover, who was Bai Feng? With her martial arts skills, they wouldn’t be a match for her even if they had double the enforcements. After all, she snapped the steward’s wrist without batting her eyes just moments ago.

These guards also knew very well that Little Young Master wouldn’t be in any danger with Bai Feng. It was just that Second Miss prohibited Little Young Master from leaving the house.

After a moment of deliberation, everyone looked at each other and simultaneously paused in their steps.

Under everyone’s fearful gazes, Ye Wanwan directly led Tangtang by the hand and left the Nie residence.

The little fella tightly clasped his mommy’s hand, afraid she’d The little fella tightly clasped his mommy’s hand, afraid she’d let ago.

Behind them, the steward clutched his wrist with a dark expression. “Quick, quickly tell Second Miss and Third Miss to come back, and inform Madam and Patriarch that Bai Feng from the Fearless Alliance abducted Little Young Master!”

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