Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1616 - Baby, don’t be scared, Mommy’s here

Chapter 1616 Baby, don’t be scared, Mommy’s here

“Little Young Master, you should head back with us nicely. Don’t make things hard for us…” The young steward grabbed Tangtang and forcefully dragged Tangtang inside when he saw Tangtang’s noncompliance.

Watching this scene, Ye Wanwan felt like an inferno was burning in her chest. Her eyes chilled, and she marched toward the door.

“Release him! Ye Wanwan ordered.

Tangtang jolted when he heard Ye Wanwan’s voice, his enraged eyes filling with surprise and joy. He spun around and shook off the steward’s hand before swiftly leaping toward Ye Wanwan. “Mommy!”

Ye Wanwan knelt down and caught the tiny figure. “Mommy…” The little fella plastered himself into Ye Wanwan’s arms, his figure trembling slightly. “Mommy… Mommy…”

As Ye Wanwan listened to the little fella’s repeated calls of “Mommy,” she felt like an iron claw was gripping her heart tightly, and her heart spasmed with waves of pain. “It’s fine, baby, don’t be scared. Mommy’s here!”

“Mommy… Tangtang missed Mommy… Tangtang wanted to go see Mommy…”

Heartache filled Ye Wanwan as she listened to the little fella’s childish voice.

From the looks of it, the fake Worriless Nie purposefully didn’t want her to be too close to Tangtang, so she had to ground Tangtang and prohibit him from leaving the Nie residence. She listed Tangtang’s safety as the reason so that even Madam Nie and Patriarch Nie wouldn’t oppose and would even back her up.

Ye Wanwan previously didn’t know her identity, so she tried her best to avoid getting too intimate with Tangtang in order to not impact Tangtang’s relationship with his biological mother. She knew Tangtang really liked her but still restrained herself from seeing him.

She didn’t expect to hurt Tangtang in the end.

Ye Wanwan’s heart was about to shatter as she watched the little fella sticking to her like a ball of mochi.

“President Bai, this is the Nie residence, not your Fearless Alliance. Out of consideration for Eldest Young Master, we allow you to enter as you please, but it doesn’t mean you can behave atrociously here. I’m advising you to mind your own business!” the young, steward imperiously said.

This steward had to be Nie Linglong’s underling…

Ye Wanwan ignored the steward’s threat and warning and patted Tangtang’s head in comfort. Then she looked at the steward’s right hand without a trace of warmth in her eyes. “Just now… you used that hand to touch him?”

The young man haughtily glanced at her from the corner of his eye. “What?”

“Tangtang, close your eyes,” Ye Wanwan instructed Tangtang. The little fella didn’t know the reason but immediately closed his eyes obediently. “Okay.”

A second later, a shriek like a pig being slaughtered rang throughout the estate.


This shriek was accompanied by a bone-chilling cracking sound. In the blink of an eye, Ye Wanwan had forcefully broken the man’s wrist.

“AH! AHHH!!!” The man rolled back and forth on the ground while clutching his wrist in pain.

If she used her normal strength, she absolutely couldn’t have snapped an adult man’s wrist with ease like that. However, with fury raging through her mind, it appeared natural she could do that.

Before, Ye Wanwan never understood why incomprehensible martial arts strength occasionally exploded out of her…

Now, she finally understood… This was strength that belonged to Worriless Nie, her true self…

However, due to her lack of memories… her abilities were very unstable and couldn’t be controlled…

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