Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1615 - She wanted to see Tangtang the most

Chapter 1615: She wanted to see Tangtang the most

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Ye Wanwan stared at the test result in her hand with evident shock. Every memory fragment since her rebirth flashed through her mind like a carousel lantern.

She lived two lives, but she still hadn’t known who in the world she was until today…

However, she was still puzzled about many things. Why didn’t her grandfather’s words to her in her memories match reality at all?

If she was Worriless Nie, how could she be Chinese and an orphan even though Madam Nie and Patriarch were evidently still alive?

She even wondered whether her death in her previous life had a mystery behind it or was related to the Independent State…

Moreover, why did Si Yehan replace her memories? Just what happened back then that caused her to leave the Independent State…

Ye Wanwan’s fingers slowly clenched around the report.

She finally found out her background, but her mood became heavy and solemn.

It was obvious Nie Linglong was currently keeping the entire Nie family in the dark. She was certain that the power behind Nie Linglong was extraordinary or else she wouldn’t have been able to bribe so many test centers in the Independent State and manage to use a fake Worriless Nie to fool everyone.

Many of the internal factions under the Nie Linglong were probably under Nie Linglong’s control already.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t surmise the real situation concerning Nie Linglong at all.

After learning about the test results, her first reaction was to reunite with her family… but she rapidly calmed down after considering everything.

If she did, she might act rashly, or she might bring danger to the Nie family and Tangtang.

She needed to figure out the power behind Nie Linglong along with Nie Linglong’s objective so she could make thorough preparations.

Bai Feng’s identity would allow her investigation to run more smoothly.

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath before standing up to head to the Nie residence.

Right now, the person she wanted to see the most was… Tangtang…

Nie residence’s main door:

As soon as Ye Wanwan arrived, she saw Tangtang at the main door. However, there was a man wearing a steward’s uniform blocking Tangtang and appeared to be speaking to him.

Wasn’t the Nie family’s steward an elderly man?

Why was there a different person?

Judging from Tangtang’s expression, he was furious.

“Move!” The little fella was icily staring at the young steward in front of him.

“Little Young Master, please go back.” The steward was bowing respectfully, but there wasn’t any reverence or fear in his eyes. Instead, he looked fairly confident.

Tangtang’s gaze turned harsh. “Insolence. Since when can you tell me what to do?”

The young steward appeared to be shocked by the child’s severe gaze and aura. He calmed down and continued to say uncaringly, “Little Young Master, this isn’t my command; it’s your mother’s command. The Independent State hasn’t been peaceful lately, so it’s too dangerous for you to willfully leave and go outside like this. Even if you made a ruckus in front of Madam and Patriarch, it’d be useless.”

“Insolence! Are you threatening me?”

“This subordinate wouldn’t dare. This subordinate is merely doing as Second Miss ordered. Second Miss is doing this for your own good! Guards, send Little Young Master back to his room!”

Tangtang lost his patience and ignored that young steward, heading straight for the door.

The steward immediately ordered coldly, “Why are you standing around? Hurry and stop Little Young Master!”

The guards in black on the side immediately rushed forward and blocked Tangtang’s path. Meanwhile, the young steward grabbed Tangtang’s arm, wanting to forcefully drag him back.

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