Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1614 - I’m actually Worriless Nie

Chapter 1614: I’m actually Worriless Nie

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First Elder didn’t know what had happened or the origin of the sample given to him by Ye Wanwan.

However, based on Ye Wanwan’s reaction, First Elder could guess that the owners of the sample had a deep relationship with Ye Wanwan.

“Ah… I’m fine.” Ye Wanwan regained her wits and smiled at First Elder faintly. “Alright, I understand. You’ve worked hard the last two days; you can head back now.”

“President, you mustn’t hide any problems from us.” First Elder vaguely sensed that something big would happen due to this test result.

After speaking, First Elder turned and left the office.

After First Elder left, Ye Wanwan allowed her shock and whiplashed feelings to fully surface on her face.

Ye Wanwan was extremely certain that the hair sample used in the test was hers and it was personally given by her to First Elder, so there couldn’t be any mistake about that…

In other words, the samples were indeed from her and Tangtang… So the test result couldn’t have any errors at all…

“I… I’m Tangtang’s biological mother?!” Ye Wanwan was flabbergasted, and disbelief enveloped her.

Not only was she Tangtang’s mother, but she was also Madam Nie’s daughter and Nameless Nie’s biological younger sister!!!

“How could that be possible…” Ye Wanwan murmured, finding it hard to accept.

This way, that mercenary told the truth and didn’t lie… The person they intended to assassinate in China was truly Worriless Nie—her.

Ye Wanwan was stupefied from head to toe.

She somehow went to Scarlet Flames Academy, somehow met Li Xin, somehow sought out Li Xin’s big brother then somehow tested her DNA with Tangtang’s… All of the aforementioned would be nothing if it weren’t for the fact that the final test result somehow verified she really was Worriless Nie, the Second Miss of the Nie family who went missing for many years!

Ye Wanwan felt her head swelling as thousands of thoughts raced through her mind.

If she really was Worriless Nie, then who was Tangtang’s father?!

Did she know Si Yehan when she was in the Independent State back then and was still Worriless Nie? If she knew Si Yehan, could Si Yehan be Tangtang’s father?

But if she really had a child with Si Yehan, could Si Yehan truly be absolutely clueless?!

Si Yehan obviously didn’t know about Tangtang…

If she didn’t have Tangtang with Si Yehan, then who did she have Tangtang with…? Her fiancé, Ji Xiuran?!

Soon, Ye Wanwan rejected this notion. If it really was Ji Xiuran, how could he not acknowledge Tangtang? Even if he didn’t, the Ji family would acknowledge this grandson, right…?

Also, Nameless Nie previously mentioned that his sister, Worriless Nie, had Tangtang with a wild man, so this wild man couldn’t possibly be Ji Xiuran…

“Wild man…” Ye Wanwan murmured. Just who are they referring to as the wild man…?

Ye Wanwan naturally leaned toward Si Yehan being the father, but right now, the only person deeply related to Si Yehan, Lord Asura, still hadn’t admitted he was Si Yehan. Even though Lord Asura was poisoned by the love gu, he remained unaffected.

Right now, every clue pointed at Si Yehan though. As soon as Lord Asura admitted he was Si Yehan, many questions would be answered!

Of course, she couldn’t remember any of this. It would be best if she could have the headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy help her. Otherwise, even if she knew she was Worriless Nie, she wouldn’t be able to remember anything.

“I… I’m actually Worriless Nie…”

Ye Wanwan looked stunned.

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