Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1613 - : The result of the DNA test

Chapter 1613: The result of the DNA test

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Ye Wanwan was beaming as she gave Seven Star a hand from his position lying on the ground.

Seven Star’s acting was absolutely satisfactory. It surpassed Luo Chen’s, let alone Gong Xu’s. What was more frightening was that this was Seven Star’s first time acting.

“As long as you’re satisfied, Sis Feng,” Seven Star said with a nod.

Ye Wanwan stared at him pensively. His looks were coldly handsome, he was fairly young, his acting was good, and his martial arts skills were a giant thumbs up too…

If she brought Seven Star to China and introduced him to the entertainment industry there, taking on the role of his manager…

He would absolutely become a money-making tree!

If she was the one to package and mold Seven Star, he would definitely become an international superstar!

“Seven Star, is this really your first time acting?” Ye Wanwan asked him doubtfully.

“Yes,” Seven Star replied. “There’s nearly no situation that requires acting here.”

Just as Ye Wanwan wanted to say something else, Big Dipper eagerly ran over to them and giggled. “Sis Feng, what’s there to praise about such crude acting skills? I can also act like that if you let me…”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper and could only force herself to act out her scene with him.

Big Dipper’s acting this time was a tinge better than earlier. Ye Wanwan didn’t want to continue wasting time, and the video shouldn’t have any problems after some post-production editing.

After recording the videos, a young member of the Fearless Alliance came running over.

“President!” The Fearless Alliance member ingratiatingly looked at Ye Wanwan and carefully said, “President, First Elder told me to come here to inform you that the matter you requested produced a result and he wanted you to go back and take a look immediately…”

“What’s the result?” Ye Wanwan asked him curiously.

“Um… this subordinate doesn’t know. First Elder didn’t tell this subordinate,” the Fearless Alliance member answered.

“Let’s go. We’ll head back now,” Ye Wanwan said to Seven Star and Big Dipper.

Soon, Ye Wanwan returned to the Fearless Alliance.

First Elder placidly entered the office with a report in hand and stopped in front of Ye Wanwan’s desk.

“What’s the test result?” Ye Wanwan asked First Elder.

In truth, this test was ordered impulsively by Ye Wanwan. She didn’t really think she could be Worriless Nie since it was seriously too much of a stretch.

“President, the results are out. Take a look for yourself,” First Elder said to Ye Wanwan with a smile as he gently placed the report on the desk.

Ye Wanwan: “…” Didn’t I say I couldn’t understand the result at all last time…?

“I can’t read the contents. Tell me directly.” Ye Wanwan had no choice but to be frank.

“President, according to the final results of the test, at least 99% of the DNA matches,” First Elder quietly explained to her.

Ye Wanwan was taken aback . At least 99% of the DNA matches… First Elder is saying…

“The scientific explanation for this is that there is a positive blood relationship,” First Elder added.

Ye Wanwan felt like a volcano erupted in her head and her mind turned blank.

The load of information this time was truly too much and was more shocking than the result from last time that said the current Worriless Nie was an impersonator. Ye Wanwan found herself unable to accept it.

Upon seeing Ye Wanwan in a daze, First Elder furrowed his brows and looked at her with worry. “President… are you okay?”

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