Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1612 - Where’s my sword?

Chapter 1612: Where’s my sword?

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Ye Wanwan nodded in agreement with Seven Star’s suggestion. They had nothing else to do anyway, so she could act out a round with Seven Star first.

“I’ve also written your script…” Ye Wanwan said to him.

“Sis Feng, no need for a script. This type of acting shouldn’t be too hard,” Seven Star replied calmly.

“Old Seven, Sis Feng isn’t satisfied with even me… So let’s not mention you. Just wait until you get a shouting! How arrogant are you to say you don’t need a script?” Big Dipper curled his lips contemptuously.

Ye Wanwan deleted the previous video with Big Dipper and restarted the recording. She was a bit less worried about Seven Star since he was more reliable than Big Dipper. This was an undeniable truth.

“So you’re Seven Star from the Fearless Alliance,” Ye Wanwan said expressionlessly while staring at Seven Star.

Seven Star turned around, indifferently examining Ye Wanwan.

“May I ask if you sought me out due to a conflict or a favor?” Seven Star aloofly asked Ye Wanwan.

“It’s neither a conflict nor a favor. Just official business,” Ye Wanwan replied.

“Based on your outfit, you must be a mercenary from Scarlet Flames Academy.” Seven Star smiled, unconcerned. “People from the Independent State’s three great academies sought me out in the past, but I’m still alive while they’re dead. Would you still like to continue?”

“Enough nonsense. My mission is to beat you up.” Ye Wanwan sneered.

However, as soon as Ye Wanwan finished speaking, Seven Star disappeared from his spot. He took a step forward and immediately appeared in front of Ye Wanwan. Without a word, his hand shot toward her.

Ye Wanwan was surprised. This lad’s acting wasn’t bad…

Ye Wanwan dodged to the side instantly, and their right hands collided with each other.

“Bang! Kaboom!” Strange noises came from Big Dipper’s mouth.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Seven Star: “…”

Ye Wanwan swore she would hack Big Dipper to death if she had a sword on hand!

Ye Wanwan and Seven Star tried to remain unaffected by Big Dipper and continued to fight.

“Kaboom, kaboom! Bang bang bang! Pow!”

However, Big Dipper’s volume grew louder and his noises turned stranger.

“If you don’t freaking give me a reasonable explanation, I won’t be Sis Feng unless I kill you!” Ye Wanwan threw out her acting shoes and seized Big Dipper by his right ear, dragging him toward her.

“I would also like to know what you’re doing,” Seven Star added while looking at Big Dipper, who looked like he had been wronged.

“I… I’m providing sound effects for you… Is there a problem…? Your fight didn’t look imposing at all to me. Look at how silent it was when your palms slammed together! The kabooms, bangs, and pows were my sound effects…” Big Dipper hastily explained.

“Do you have a sword?” Ye Wanwan looked at Seven Star.

“I don’t.” Seven Star shook his head. “But… I can go and grab one.”

“Don’t! Fine, I’ll stop dubbing…” Big Dipper urgently protested.

“If you appear in our shot again and continue your so-called dubbing, Seven Star and I will beat you to death. Do you understand?” Ye Wanwan fumed between gritted teeth.

“Understood, understood… I guarantee I will just sit on the side and won’t move an inch!” Big Dipper promised while clapping his chest.

This time, Big Dipper learned his lesson and didn’t continue making trouble. He merely sat on the side and watched, not daring to even breathe loudly.

Half an hour later, Ye Wanwan’s scene with Seven Star finally concluded.

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