Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 161: Twisting the facts

Chapter 161: Twisting the facts

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Ye Wanwan protested, "Meng Qi's my best friend! We all know that she's the honorable girlfriend of Song Zi Hang! I think you're the one spouting nonsense! Are you trying to accuse our Meng Qi of being the third party here? You're too much!"

"You... What did you say... Zi Hang's girlfriend..." Mrs Song was shocked. As she looked at Jiang Yan Ran's red and swollen face, a sense of uneasiness arose in her heart.

At this point, almost everybody understood what was going on.

Ye Wanwan didn't have to continue anymore.

A girl standing next to Mrs Song turned to her and asked, "You're Song Zi Hang's mom? Did you know that Song Zi Hang declared to the whole school that he doesn't have anything to do with Jiang Yan Ran and even said that the engagement didn't exist? He said it was just a joke between the two families and then he confessed his love to another girl on the spot!"

Mrs Song came to her senses and replied angrily, "This... This can't be true! How could my son do something like that?! Stop attacking him!"

Some people couldn't tolerate this any further and started talking all at once, "How are we attacking him? Everybody in school knows about this, we're all witnesses, okay?"

"That's right! When Jiang Yan Ran found out that Song Zi Hang had a secret date with her best friend, Shen Meng Qi, she had a fight with her. We were all initially helping Jiang Yan Ran scold Meng Qi but in the end, Song Zi Hang slapped Jiang Yan Ran in front of everyone and announced on the school's forum that he didn't have an engagement with her! If you don't believe us, you can see it for yourself on the forum! Look for the 'video of Jiang Yan Ran Attacking the Third Party and Song Zi Hang Defending the Third Party', the announcement and everything else are on there!"

"Song Zi Hang confessed to Shen Meng Qi in a very grand way with candles and flowers and they've been together constantly these past few days. You're now saying that he and Jiang Yan Ran were engaged? Don't you think that's a bit contradictory?"

At this time, the speculations were getting louder and everybody was shocked at this turn of events.

"I didn't think that Song Zi Hang had been lying this whole time to protect the third party! Shen Meng Qi really was the third party!"

"I thought Song Zi Hang was quite manly at first, but who knew he was a scumbag who hooked up with his fiancee's best friend behind her back! His mom actually dared to say he was devoted to Jiang Yan Ran? Where did she find the guts to say that?"

"What do you mean behind her back? He hooked up with that girl right under Jiang Yan Ran's nose!"

"Tsk tsk, also, the big project that Song Zi Hang has been boasting about was busted already! Probably as revenge from the Jiang family! He deserves it!"

"I thought the Song family was powerful but they only relied on help from the Jiang family!"

"His mom actually came down to school to twist the facts and slap Jiang Yan Ran, putting the blame on the victim! Oh my god! This has me totally twisted! What kind of people are in this family?! They're just a pack of ungrateful wolves!"

"They're shameless!"


Mrs Song became paler and paler when she heard the overwhelming ridicule and insults circling around her.

Her initial plan was to find Jiang Yan Ran to seek revenge and ruin her reputation, but instead, she learnt the truth and almost fainted on the spot.

The reason why the Jiang family wanted to call off the engagement suddenly... was because of this!

Zi Hang denied the engagement in front of everyone and hooked up with another girl in school immediately after?

This... This is impossible! This is completely impossible!

Ye Wanwan caught a glimpse of a figure trying to sneak off into the crowd and she rushed over nimbly, grabbed onto Shen Meng Qi's elbow and said anxiously, "Meng Qi! You're finally here! Hurry, explain things to everyone! They're too much; they actually said that you're a shameless third party! You're definitely not this kind of person, right?"

Suddenly, everybody turned to Ye Wanwan and saw the flustered Shen Meng Qi standing next to Song Zi Hang.


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