Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 160: Devoted?

Chapter 160: Devoted?

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Mrs Song's appearance was too sudden and Jiang Yan Ran didn't manage to dodge in time so she caught a hard slap to the face.

The big lively hall was in total silence all of a sudden.

Mrs Song pointed at Jiang Yan Ran's nose and started yelling, "Ungrateful little b****, your whole family is trash! Before, you insisted on having your nuptials pre-arranged with our Zi Hang but now that you have power, you've kicked him aside! Calling off the wedding and trying to climb up the ladder--do you really think the Song family is that easily bullied?

Tell me, which gigolo did you hook up with behind Zi Hang's back? The one with the surname Chu? Jiang Hai Chao really brought up his daughter well! Flirting around when she's engaged to someone... once you found someone richer, you tossed our Zi Hang away and even snatched our family's project, forcing our family to the brink of death!

I used to treat you like a princess but you actually think you are one? Based on your talent, looks and actions, you're not worthy of my son at all! If it wasn't for you wasting his time, my son would've found someone better! My son was so devoted to you, yet you were so unappreciative and kept criticising him!"

Mrs Song let loose a flood of words, cursing and swearing at her, with each comment getting uglier. As she was an elder, Jiang Yan Ran remained respectful and didn't say a word at all. Her body trembled slightly and her expression was dazed and numb.

She didn't expect that Auntie Song who was usually so warm and nice towards her, someone who she treated like her own mother in her heart, would actually be so malicious with her words.

Could it be that the love she showed for me was fake this whole time?

I've never felt unworthy of Song Zi Hang...

Amongst the crowd, Ye Wanwan's gaze paused at Jiang Yan Ran's red and swollen face and a hint of coldness flashed in her eyes. Suddenly, she exclaimed aloud——

"Oh god! Jiang Yan Ran and Song Zi Hang actually had an engagement? How could that be?!"

Mrs Song, who was still in the midst of scolding Yan Ran, heard that questioning voice and became even more enraged. She scanned her eyes over everybody present in the hall and said firmly, "Why wouldn't there be? Did this little b**** lie and say she didn't have anything to do with the Song family?

Let me tell all of you, the two of them have been engaged to each other before they were even born. Parents from both families saw their fortunes and exchanged cards! There isn't anybody in our circle who doesn't know they're a pair!

My son was so nice to her and pampered her like a princess so devotedly, how could she have the guts to deny this? Everyone, take a look at the true colours of this little b*****! She cheated on my son and even wanted to take down my family's company! How is there such an evil woman in this world?!"


Upon hearing what Mrs Song said, the onlookers were stunned.

Damn! What did this woman just say?

Song Zi Hang and Jiang Yan Ran really had an engagement!

She actually said... said that Song Zi Hang was devoted to Jiang Yan Ran?

Mrs Song noticed that there was something wrong with the way the onlookers looked at her but couldn't figure out what it was.

Ye Wanwan looked at her mockingly and said with doubt, "That's impossible! Auntie, you must be lying! Song Zi Hang's girlfriend is obviously Shen Meng Qi, how is he related to Jiang Yan Ran at all?!"

Mrs Song couldn't tolerate this kind of accusation and was furious as she blurted out, "I'm lying?! I'm Song Zi Hang's mother! How could my words be fake! Obviously, this little b**** was lying! Who on earth is Shen Meng Qi? What nonsense are you spouting?"


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