Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 159: Revenge

Chapter 159: Revenge

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In desperation, Mrs Song's tone became somewhat deranged, "I won't let them off, I'll never let them off! Tsk, Jiang Hai Chao! He thinks he'll be fine by hiding from me? He wants his daughter to marry someone better off? There's no way! I'll make that wretch lose her reputation! I'll let everyone know how the Jiangs were so treacherous that they broke the contract! Let's see who'd want the Jiang family's junk then!

"Mom? What're you planning to do?"

"Don't you worry! Mommy will definitely help you get revenge!"

"Wait! Mom? Mom!"

She already hung up.

Shen Meng Qi walked over to him with a worried look, "Zi Hang, what happened? Who called?"

"Nothing..." Song Zi Hang shook his head and felt uneasy. The Jiang family still hadn't relented yet?

Shen Meng Qi was too focused on winning him over from Jiang Yan Ran and didn't think too much of it. "Let's go get our pictures taken then! If we don't go now, there'll be lots of people lining up later!"

She had already concluded that Song Zi Hang's unusual behaviour these few days was all due to Jiang Yan Ran.

Dressing up to the nines and getting all intimate with Chu Feng--does Jiang Yan Ran really think that I don't know her true intentions?

If Jiang Yan Ran stopped fighting with her, she wouldn't need to put in so much effort. To her, the more someone wanted something, the more valuable it became and the more satisfaction she'd feel once she obtained it.

At Qing He high school:

The performance was in a few days' time. Most of the students didn't go home that weekend and were busy decorating the hall and rehearsing.

In the big hall, many classes lined up to rehearse. There were people bustling about and the whole place felt very lively.

The show that senior class A was performing was ballet; Jiang Yan Ran and Shen Meng Qi were both in it.

"Class A! Next is class A's "Swan Lake", is everyone here?" The host asked aloud.

"Wait! There's still one more! She's on the way. She'll be here very soon!" The captain of the dance team from class A replied.

"Make her hurry!"

"Got it, got it!"

"Who are we waiting on from our class?" someone asked.

"Shen Meng Qi. She went out today," the captain replied.

"Went out? Where'd she go? How could she be late for the rehearsal?!"

"I think I saw her leaving through the school gates with Song Zi Hang this morning!" someone replied softly.

"Oh——" Everybody responded like they were suddenly enlightened and looked pointedly at Jiang Yan Ran, who was stretching in the corner. Everyone started whispering.

"Shen Meng Qi and Song Zi Hang should've started dating already, right?"

"Seems like it! They're a perfect match! Unlike someone here who pestered him and came up with a lie about having an engagement when her plan failed!"

"Exactly, she was obviously the one breaking up the couple and accused Shen Meng Qi of being the third party!"

Jiang Yan Ran was usually arrogant and domineering and had offended quite a number of people. Plus, she was very gifted and was the best at dancing so naturally, they took advantage of the chance to ridicule her.

Just as it was class A's turn to rehearse, a middle-aged woman in a navy blue cheongsam suddenly shoved through the crowd and walked towards the stage.

Everyone in the hall was a student. The sudden appearance of a middle-aged woman caused everybody to turn to look at her.

Most of them recognised she was Song Zi Hang's mother.

Everybody could see the towering rage across her face. She walked straight to Jiang Yan Ran in her high heels and slapped her in her face without hesitation—— "You shameless little b****!"

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