Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 162: Avoiding responsibility?

Chapter 162: Avoiding responsibility?

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Ye Wanwan's words seemed to defend Shen Meng Qi yet they pushed her directly into the eye of the storm once again.

"It's fine that this ugly freak isn't good looking, but is there something wrong with her brain too? Zi Hang's mom already said that there was an engagement yet Wanwan still thinks it was a misunderstanding! What else should we call Meng Qi other than the third party?

"Song Zi Hang has really tested my limits. On one hand, he was relying on his fiancee's family's support and on the other, he went with a slut in front of her! His family is on the verge of bankruptcy and yet, he's still fooling around and trying to put up a front, acting like a rich young kid!"

Shen Meng Qi tried shaking her off but before she managed to weasel out of Ye Wanwan's grasp, she was blocked by the crowd.

She was astounded. She never expected that things would turn out this way.

She always aimed high. Her greatest goal was to be with Si Ye Han but she knew very well how distant that man was and low the possibility of being with him was, so she didn't act silly and sit around to wait for an unobtainable target.

She'd be graduating soon and was preparing to enter the entertainment industry, so she needed a strong backer.

She knew her strengths very well. Unlike those old foxes who'd already entered high society, these little boys in school were easier to entrap.

Among the boys whom she paid attention to, only the young master of the Zheng family was up to par. Although all these rich kids had honourable families, they didn't have much authority at home. She had to wait many years for him to take over the business and manage the household.

She tried probing him a few times but after she found out she couldn't get what she wanted from him, she left him hanging and treated him like a spare tire, just like how she treated every other guy.

But Song Zi Hang was different; once he graduated, he'd be able to enter the family company. Furthermore, after they got that government project, they'd generate large profits and capital instantly.

It was smooth sailing at first. During today's date, Song Zi Hang had promised her that once he graduated, he'd convince his dad to invest in a million dollar movie and designate her as the female lead. The male lead and important supporting roles would also be from their company.

If she was able to pull such a big investment, she could immediately gain a foothold in the entertainment industry, while allowing the company to gain recognition.

After the date, Song Zi Hang said that he wanted to accompany her to rehearsal and she readily agreed, eager to show off her trophy to Jiang Yan Ran.

Who would've guessed that once they stepped in, they'd see Song Zi Hang's mother making a scene in the hall, telling everyone about the engagement between Song Zi Hang and Jiang Yan Ran?

Not only that, what did Mrs Song just say?

Not to mention the big project that the Song family didn't get, but now, they're being forced by the Jiang family to the verge of bankruptcy!?

Just a second ago, Song Zi Hang said boldly that he wanted to make me the most popular actress! He even said that the Jiang family wouldn't be able to do that without the Songs and didn't dare to offend them!

He was actually lying to me from the start!

The boy that she'd laboriously scavenged would soon become a worthless pauper!

If she'd known this earlier, she would've spent all her efforts on Zheng Bin!

Hearing all the nasty comments around him and facing Shen Meng Qi's stare, Song Zi Hang turned pale and went into a frantic rage. He dashed to his mom, "Mom! Are you crazy?! What're you doing here?"

"You're asking me?! Let me ask you, were they telling the truth? You really went to find a woman behind Yan Ran's back? She's the one?" Mrs Song shot daggers at Shen Meng Qi.

Due to Ye Wanwan holding her back, Shen Meng Qi didn't manage to escape in time and could only hide behind Song Zi Hang.

Song Zi Hang's face darkened as he protected Shen Meng Qi, "Mom! Let's go home and talk!"

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