Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1587 - An existence you can’t afford to offend

Chapter 1587: An existence you can’t afford to offend

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“No! How could it affect Scarlet Flames Academy’s rules! Rules are dead, but people are alive,” the middle-aged man said.

Elder Liu beamed. Bro Flattop is truly worthy of being our president! What Scarlet Flames Academy? They still have to give her face!

Under everyone’s stunned gazes, the middle-aged man personally opened the gates for Ye Wanwan and allowed Ye Wanwan and Elder Liu inside.

“Why… why is she allowed to enter?!”

The beautiful woman screamed angrily at the middle-aged man as she watched Ye Wanwan enter the academy.

“What? Do you have an objection?” the middle-aged man coldly asked.

“Of course I do! Why did you allow trash like her to enter but not my young master?” The woman scoffed.

The middle-aged man glanced at the woman. “Heh, Miss, I reckon even your young master can’t compare to a toe on that miss, let alone you.”

Can’t compare to a toe of that woman? He’s joking, right?!

“Young Master, this guard must’ve accepted a bribe from that bottom-tier trash!” the woman indignantly complained to Young Master Wang.

Everyone looked pensive upon hearing that, almost believing her. That’d be the only way this would make sense, right… Otherwise, why was that woman allowed to enter?

“Insolence!” A chilly glint flashed in the middle-aged man’s eyes, and he took out his work ID card from his pocket.

When everyone saw the ID card, shock overcame their faces.

“D*mn… an instructor from Scarlet Flames Academy…”

“An instructor from Scarlet Flames Academy would accept bribes…? What kind of joke is that?! Who is capable of bribing an instructor?!”

“My god! Just who is that ugly woman? She looks mediocre and ordinary…”

“Could the Scarlet Flames instructor really be right? Even Young Master Wang can’t compare to a toe on that woman…? That’s too absurd, right…?”

“Heh, anyone with a mind can see that woman’s identity must be special in order to force an instructor from Scarlet Flames Academy to allow her inside to register even if he had to break his own rules… Where did Young Master Wang’s maidservant get the courage to provoke her? She seriously wouldn’t even know how she died.”

“D*mn… That servant girl’s words were so horrible earlier, but she didn’t even look at her. Thinking about it now, that woman wasn’t afraid of the Wang family, right? She completely ignored them! The difference in their levels was probably too dramatic, so that woman couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to them!”

The beautiful woman’s face was so dark that ink could drip from it as she maliciously exclaimed, “She’s just bottom-tier trash! What status could she possibly have?!”

The instructor of Scarlet Flames Academy looked at the woman. “Miss, you have to have some manners and education even as a maidservant. Your head is full of air. Don’t let your ignorance harm you and Young Master Wang. I reckon you nearly caused the Wang family’s destruction today. Your entire Wang family is less than a dog’s fart in the eyes of that woman you keep calling ugly. You should thank the heavens that she treated you like air!”

Then the instructor snorted and opened the gates again before languidly entering. With a bang, the gates were closed again.

“How… how is that possible?!” The woman was akin to a deflated balloon.

“Tut tut tut… that ugly woman must be some fearsome bigshot… I’ve only seen a dog growl at a lion, but I’ve never seen a lion growl at a dog… That saying is perfect for this…”

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