Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1586 - Emperor Ji’s recommendation letter

Chapter 1586: Emperor Ji’s recommendation letter

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This Young Master Wang’s maidservant was rather brassy, willing to talk back to someone from Scarlet Flames Academy…

Elder Liu hastily went up and smiled at the middle-aged man. “Can you be a little flexible? My pres—my granddaughter traveled from afar and suffered a difficult journey to come up here…”

“You missed the time, so you have to wait until next year,” the middle-aged man said.

“But my granddaughter is super strong! Scarlet Flames Academy would obtain a treasure if you accepted her!” Elder Liu ardently pressed.

What a joke! She’s the president of the Fearless Alliance! Scarlet Flames Academy really won’t accept someone like her? Just because she didn’t make it in time?

When Elder Liu said that, a lot of the people around them broke into laughter.

“Heh, this elderly man is rather confident. Where did he get his courage…? Even Young Master Wang was rejected because he missed the time, let alone someone without status or background like her.”

“Haha, elderly man, do you really know what kind of place Scarlet Flames Academy is…? It’s a holy site for mercenaries. A place where you need to kill people or get killed; it’s not a school for learning normal subjects! Did you bring your granddaughter to the wrong place, elderly man?”

“I think both this old man and his granddaughter are ignorant. They most likely thought Scarlet Flames Academy was a normal school…”

“Old geezer, mercenary academies are where you issue assassinations or dangerous missions. Get it straight first! Even someone on Young Master Wang’s level could only consider themselves unlucky for missing the time, let alone your granddaughter.”

The beautiful woman contemptuously glanced at Ye Wanwan and Elder Liu. “Take a look at yourself first! Even our young master can’t enter, yet you want to enter?! You’re trash at the bottom of the food chain!”

Ye Wanwan didn’t even look at the woman and walked straight toward the middle-aged man from Scarlet Flames Academy.

“Hello,” Ye Wanwan softly greeted.

“No matter what you say, it’s futile,” the middle-aged man returned impatiently.

“It’s okay.” Ye Wanwan took out Ji Xiuran’s recommendation letter and handed it to him.

The middle-aged man furrowed his brows. “What? You want to bribe me?”

“Well, it’s not quite a bribe. How about you take a look first? Maybe you’ll let me enter after you see it,” Ye Wanwan replied with a smile.

She didn’t know whether Ji Xiuran’s recommendation letter would prove useful, but she was just making a Hail Mary effort. The best scenario would be being allowed entry. If she wasn’t, she would just have to return home.

Soon, the middle-aged man opened the recommendation letter.

A few breaths later, his expression abruptly changed.

“This is…”

Shock surfaced in his eyes.

This was a recommendation letter from Emperor Ji! Emperor Ji’s personal seal was sitting at the bottom, so there couldn’t be any mistake about it!

This horrendously ugly woman in front of him was actually personally recommended by Emperor Ji… Furthermore, based on the letter’s contents, Emperor Ji attached great importance to her…

There were many instructors, even higher-ups, in Scarlet Flames Academy who had an immensely close relationship with Emperor Ji in the profit chain. Since Emperor Ji personally recommended her… it would be difficult to not do her this favor…

“Hahaha, a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!” The middle-aged man clapped Ye Wanwan on her left shoulder. “Miss, come, come, come. You and your grandpa can follow me inside.”

The sneer on every spectator’s face froze, and disbelief rushed out.

“Thank you. This won’t affect Scarlet Flames Academy’s rules, right?” Ye Wanwan asked as she nodded.

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