Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1588 - Scarlet Flames Academy

Chapter 1588: Scarlet Flames Academy

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“Hahaha, Young Master Wang, this maidservant must’ve served you quite well, huh, since you brought her to this kind of place? However, you need to assess the situation first. Your Wang family will encounter a tragic fate if you offend someone you can’t afford to offend.”

“Young Master…”

The woman turned to Young Master Wang, wanting to say something, but was greeted by a ruthless backhand from him.

Young Master Wang’s expression was dark. Just who in the world was that woman just now? Could she really bring catastrophe to the Wang family…?

Ye Wanwan and Elder Liu entered Scarlet Flames Academy.

There were some differences between the academy and universities in China. The atmosphere was more intense.

A thousand or so young men and women who came to register were standing in the courtyard.

Ye Wanwan followed the instructor into the crowd.

These thousand or so people were separated into 10 groups that contained about 100 people. Each group headed toward different directions.

Due to arriving with an instructor from Scarlet Flames, Ye Wanwan was placed into the first group.

Soon, while following the lead of a Scarlet Flames instructor, Ye Wanwan and her group arrived at a large plaza.

Most of the people in the first group were the children of prestigious patrician families in the Independent State and knew each other to a certain extent.

“Look…!” someone shouted, causing everyone to reflexively look behind them.

A tall and slender young woman with good looks was slowly walking toward them.

“Meng Ke… the pearl of the Meng family’s patriarch!”

“The Meng family… D*mn, that’s some background! I heard Meng Ke was a martial arts genius and successfully finished a mission that was comparable to an A-level mission before becoming a mercenary!”

Meng Ke joined the group and nodded slightly at the Scarlet Flames instructor.

Ye Wanwan surveyed her surroundings. It had to be said that Scarlet Flames Academy lived up to its name. Many of the people registering came from reputable backgrounds and were supposedly very talented too.

“Haha, Elder Liu, you seriously didn’t give up and really brought your granddaughter here?”

Before Ye Wanwan could think anymore, the elder who ridiculed Elder Liu earlier sauntered toward them with his two grandchildren behind him.

Elder Liu impatiently glanced at the elder, disinclined to waste his words. He didn’t know what this old man was flaunting about.

Elder Liu secretly snorted. If this old man knew his “granddaughter” was the president of the Fearless Alliance, would he still act so cocky?

Quite a number of young men had surrounded Meng Ke already, acting like perfect flower guardians.

“Silence,” the Scarlet Flames instructor said as he walked to the front. “There are many seats in the plaza; find a place to sit.”

Everyone, including Meng Ke, located a seat and sat down.

Soon, they all received an exam.

This was the most basic exam. If they failed the exam, they would be evicted from Scarlet Flames Academy immediately.

Ye Wanwan was bewildered as she stared at the contents of the exam.

In the eyes of mercenaries, every faction was ranked, including the ancient clans, four great clans, the Fearless Alliance, etc.

Aside from accurately labeling each faction’s rank, there was also a lot of details about mercenary missions.

“I don’t understand anything…” Ye Wanwan involuntarily facepalmed. She didn’t do her homework…

“You don’t need to take it. Follow me.”

The Scarlet Flames Academy instructor walked to Ye Wanwan’s side and took Ye Wanwan and Elder Liu out of the plaza.

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