Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1563 - Simply an Armageddon

Chapter 1563: Simply an Armageddon

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“That’s true…” Big Dipper nodded, and Seven Star also became uncertain.

Bai Feng really had that kind of personality?

Seeing that she stumbled upon the truth, she kept hammering in the nail. “Right, right! No matter how good-looking Emperor Ji and Lord Asura are, they’re merely just that after looking at them long enough!”

Inside the cabinet, the two men met each other’s eyes.

“That’s right!” Big Dipper nodded vehemently. “Sis Feng, those two are good-looking, but it’s stressful to flirt with them! Take another look at these men, Sis Feng. Tsk tsk, their looks aren’t horrible. In reality, they’re all about the same when you turn off the lights, and you can do whatever you want without any stress or pressure! Am I right, Sis Feng?”

“Yes, yes, yes… But I’m uninterested today. Next time… Next time, alright…?” Ye Wanwan eagerly waved her hand, wanting Seven Star and Big Dipper to get lost pronto.

“Eh… Sis Feng, you really don’t want them? There’s still a second batch whose looks are even better!” Big Dipper hastily said.

“Don’t… Didn’t I say next time?! Quickly go home and rest.” Ye Wanwan fumed inwardly. How did these children not understand human speech?

When Big Dipper and Seven Star finally looked convinced…

A loud bang suddenly rang out from the gigantic cabinet.

The lock on the cabinet clattered to the ground and the cabinet doors were slapped open from the inside, splintering and raining onto the floor in pieces.

As for Emperor Ji and Lord Asura… they walked out of the closet together… just like that…

The moment they left the closet, Ye Wanwan felt as if nine unexpected lightning strikes were coming at her simultaneously…

Big Dipper’s eyes shot open as he stared at the two live people exiting the cabinet, his teacup crashing onto the floor, and the tea in his mouth dripping out of his mouth without notice.

Seven Star was also flabbergasted as he stared at them, unable to snap out of his daze or believe what he was seeing…

However, it was Ye Wanwan who was most shocked.

Oh my god!

Why… why did you two come out?!?!?!

If she wasn’t mistaken, these two people didn’t accidentally damage the door while fighting inside the cabinet. Instead, they reached out at the same time to break open the door!

Emperor Ji looked at Ye Wanwan with a faint smile. “My apologies, it’s a little stuffy in the cabinet, so it was hard to bear.”

Just because of that???

Who the h*ll would believe that?! Also, is that the point?!

Lord Asura languidly fixed his sleeves and actually agreed with the other man, “Yes.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

As if anyone would believe your bullsh*t!!!

A second ago, Ye Wanwan was still saying how she completely lost interest in Emperor Ji and Lord Asura.

A second later, Big Dipper and Seven Star saw the live Emperor Ji and Lord Asura walking out of the cabinet together.

Moreover, Lord Asura, who always dressed meticulously and went the self-suppressive route, currently had two of his buttons open with his chest exposed, evidently a bit disheveled…

This scene… was simply an Armageddon…

Didn’t she agree to stay out of trouble?!

Didn’t she say beautiful men were all passing clouds?!

Didn’t she say she wasn’t interested in Emperor Ji and Lord Asura?!

As Big Dipper looked at the two bosses in front of him, he was trembling with fear. He hastily wiped off the tea from his mouth and shot up, standing ramrod straight.

He didn’t know whether it was his misperception, but he felt like these two bosses looked at him rather terrifyingly.

What did he do wrong?

He didn’t know anything…

Even the typically mature and unflustered Seven Star couldn’t recover from the scene he was seeing and opened his mouth, unable to utter a word.

Ye Wanwan clutched her forehead, a look of despair on her face.

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