Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1564 - Who’s on top, who’s on bottom?

Chapter 1564: Who’s on top, who’s on bottom?

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Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but facepalm. Why is this happening? What kind of sin did I commit…?

The shock gradually receded from Big Dipper’s face. He rubbed his chin with his right hand as his eyes kept darting between Lord Asura and Ji Xiuran in examination, a meaningful glint in his eyes.

“No wonder… this would make sense then…” Big Dipper murmured.

Seven Star was startled, unaware of the meaning behind Big Dipper’s words.

Why did he mean by “This would make sense then”?

“No wonder… Emperor Ji had never been intimate with women all these years… As for Lord Asura, he’s a popsicle 24/7 and doesn’t have any woman around him…” Big Dipper pulled Seven Star to the side with a solemn expression. “Sh*t… Did we come at a bad time? Are we going to be silenced forever?”

“Silenced forever?” Seven Star was baffled. What did they do that’d cause them to be killed and silenced forever?

“Old Seven, are you soft in the head…? Aren’t you pretty smart normally, so why don’t you understand something this obvious?” Big Dipper tried to speak as quietly as possible.

“What do you mean?” Seven Star was expressionless.

“Idiot!” Big Dipper glanced at him. “Isn’t it obvious? Think about it… Emperor Ji and Lord Asura always keep their distance from women, but they were hiding in Sis Feng’s cabinet today… and they’re in a disheveled state. Also, didn’t you hear what Emperor Ji just said…? He said he was hot!!! If they weren’t hugging, why would they be hot?!”

Seven Star furrowed his brows. It made sense on the surface but couldn’t withstand further deliberation.

If Emperor Ji and Lord Asura did have that kind of relationship like Big Dipper was implying, it’d be better for them to find somewhere more hidden. Why would they come to Sis Feng’s house…?

However, why those two were hiding inside the cabinet for no reason with Lord Asura in a disheveled state couldn’t be easily explained. Even Seven Star couldn’t figure it out.

“Sh*t, no wonder Sis Feng is so close to Emperor Ji and Lord Asura and claims she has feelings for them. It appears she’s just acting as a cover for Emperor Ji and Lord Asura’s relationship… Moreover, Lord Asura and Emperor Ji’s antagonistic relationship must just be a show for the rest of the Independent State! No wonder they started fighting at the Shen residence last time! It’s all a show!” Big Dipper sounded extremely convinced and confident about this, as though he’d discovered some giant, phenomenal secret.

“Old Seven, say… who’s on top, who’s on the bottom in Emperor Ji and Lord Asura’s relationship…?” Big Dipper looked at Seven Star.

Seven Star: “…”

“Emperor Ji might look gentle and graceful while Lord Asura looks icy like an iceberg, but I think Emperor Ji might just be the one on top…” Big Dipper suppressed his volume.

“You guys can leave now…”

Ye Wanwan said with exasperation as she watched Big Dipper and Seven Star whispering to each other nearby.

“Leave… what leave? Sis Feng, you’re wrong this time. You have to be considerate as a person, Sis Feng… You’re too inconsiderate!” Big Dipper grabbed Ye Wanwan by her shoulders and didn’t allow any room for objections before dragging her out of the house.

“Am I right, Emperor Ji, Lord Asura? Sorry, Sis Feng is still young and insensible… You guys have fun… We’re not in a hurry. You guys have fun and play however you want. You can come out whenever you’ve had your fill… It’s fine even if you’re a bit tired. If you’re too tired, I can drive you home later…”

Then Big Dipper harshly closed the house door with a bang.

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