Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1562 - Nothing between us!

Chapter 1562: Nothing between us!

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Big Dipper pursed his lips and accused, “Sis Feng, you’re lying! You haven’t given up on Emperor Ji and Lord Asura yet!”

Seven Star expressionlessly said, “If Sis Feng doesn’t like these ones, we can look again.”

Ye Wanwan wanted to pull her hair out from aggravation. These brats just won’t listen to me!

Big Dipper ordered the group of men to leave first before persistently saying, “Sis Feng, I was afraid you wouldn’t be satisfied, so the second and third batches are on the way already! I’ll definitely make sure you find someone you’re satisfied with!”

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and feebly said, “I swear! I was just having fun because I was bored earlier! I really, truly, don’t have any, any feelings for Emperor Ji and Lord Asura, OK?”

“Really?” Big Dipper evidently didn’t believe her. “Then why did you give 999 white roses to Emperor Ji in public and ask Emperor Ji out for a candlelit dinner? After you finished, you jumped over the wall of Asura’s manor in the middle of the night to secretly meet up with Lord Asura and was wearing Lord Asura’s clothes when you came back…”

Ye Wanwan didn’t even have time to stop Big Dipper, and he already blurted everything out.

She quickly glanced at the cabinet, terror-stricken, before viciously glaring at Big Dipper.

Big Dipper, you a**!!!

F*ck! You actually sold me out!

Currently, inside the dim cabinet:

Electricity sparked as the two men’s gazes collided together.

The cabinet’s sound-proofing was decent, so people outside couldn’t hear them if they spoke quietly.

The narrow space barely fit two people. Ji Xiuran was reclining against the side as he calmly smiled and said, “We meet again, what an honor.”

Si Yehan’s eyes were aloof. “What commendable willpower you have, Emperor Ji.”

Being able to remain so calm despite running into another man hiding in a cabinet at his fiancée’s house in the middle of the night—wasn’t his willpower commendable indeed?

Ji Xiuran smiled. “You flatter me too much. I merely trust Xiao Feng.”

The other man’s confident and indifferent tone caused Si Yehan’s originally chilly face to darken several more degrees.

Si Yehan expressionlessly said, “It appears Emperor Ji’s understanding of her is merely thus.”

“Heh…” Ji Xiuran chuckled dryly and looked at the other man aloofly. “Since you said that, Lord Asura, you clearly don’t understand me well either.”

Si Yehan remained expressionless. “I don’t think I’m interested in understanding you, Emperor Ji.”

“Is that so?” Ji Xiuran’s lips turned up. “You will be.”

At the same time, outside the cabinet, Ye Wanwan hastily interrupted Big Dipper’s nonstop blabbering and said, seething, “Of course it’s true. Didn’t you see how they were both at the banquet tonight, but I behaved and didn’t do anything?”

… I merely stirred up some trouble in private.

“Hm…” Big Dipper scratched his head. “Sis Feng, I can understand why you want to sleep with Lord Asura and Emperor Ji, but… those two aren’t to be trifled with. Say, if you taint Lord Asura and Emperor Ji’s innocent bodies and are unwilling to take responsibility, they will blow a fuse and want to punish our Fearless Alliance. They won’t be easy to fend off. Also, your reputation will also turn rotten, Sis Feng.”

“…” You freaking…

Ye Wanwan frowned deeply. “What nonsense are you spouting? There’s absolutely nothing between me and Emperor Ji or Lord Asura!”

“Really?” Big Dipper looked bewildered.

Seeing Seven Star and Big Dipper’s expressions turn uncertain, Ye Wanwan persisted. “Don’t you know me from all these years? My taste changes very fast, so why would I waste so much time on the same person? Even if I was interested in those two before, as time goes on, that’d be the end of it…”

The duo inside the cabinet: “…”

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