Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1561 - Beautiful men are all passing clouds

Chapter 1561: Beautiful men are all passing clouds

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Seven Star chose to stay silent while Big Dipper nodded vehemently. “Aren’t you?”

“Get over here!!!”

I promise I won’t beat you to death!

Big Dipper instantly hid behind Seven Star. “Sis Feng, I’ve known you for many years, so I know you inside and out! Stop lying to yourself!”

“You haven’t even looked at them, so how would you know there aren’t any that you like? Take a close look at them! I was in a rush last time, but I picked them out carefully this time! I wasn’t even so careful when picking a wife! Take a look first!”


As soon as she thought about the two men inside the cabinet, she wasn’t in the mood to enjoy even celestial fairies descending from the heavens, alright?!

Ye Wanwan casually glanced at the group of men. The men Big Dipper found this time all had extremely good looks indeed and left an outstanding impression on her.

Unfortunately… it wouldn’t be hard if there was no comparison!

In contrast to the two men inside her cabinet…

They couldn’t blame her for being disinterested at a single look…

In order to ward off Big Dipper and Seven Star, Ye Wanwan randomly picked one. “That one!”

Big Dipper looked at the one she chose. He looked especially adorable with dimples on his cheeks, standing timidly in place.

Big Dipper grumbled, “Sis Feng, stop fooling around. How could you possibly like this type?! Choose sincerely, don’t just brush me off! Come here, take a look to see how you like this one!”

He pulled Ye Wanwan to the side like he was showing off a treasure and pointed at the last person. “Look at this one! How is he?”

Ye Wanwan looked at the man Big Dipper was pointing at. The man was wearing a white suit, and he had natural flax-colored hair and light gray eyes. His looks were exquisitely pretty, and he was smiling gently. What made her raise her brows was that the man’s features shared some resemblance to Si Yehan…

Ye Wanwan murmured, “This person…”

This man was simply a fusion of Emperor Ji and Lord Asura!

His temperament resembled Emperor Ji, but his looks resembled Lord Asura!

“How is he, how is he? Quite decent, right?! He has all of Emperor Ji and Lord Asura’s advantages! I had to search all over the Independent State to find such a magnificent specimen!” Big Dipper said excitedly.

Ye Wanwan didn’t carefully look at these people at all earlier. Now that she finally had a look, she had to admit that this man was pretty high quality purely from an admiration perspective—the kind that would be insanely popular by looks alone in the entertainment industry…

“He is pretty nice…” Ye Wanwan said as she rubbed her chin.

Joy flashed through the man’s eyes when he heard Ye Wanwan.

“Right, right?! I knew you’d like him! Think about it—when you’re with this little beauty, it’s like you’re with both Emperor Ji and Lord Asura at the same time. How great is that?!” Big Dipper enthusiastically advertised.

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes. What did he mean “with both Emperor Ji and Lord Asura at the same time”?

Did he have to say something so terrifying?

As Big Dipper observed Ye Wanwan’s expression, he asked, “How is he? How about I leave him here for you? Hm, one person definitely isn’t enough for you, Sis Feng. How about I leave them all here for you?!”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. “Not enough your a**! No, I don’t want any of them! Take them all away! I need to sleep; don’t disturb me! I’m telling you, I’m utterly disinterested in beautiful men right now! Beautiful men are all passing clouds!”

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