Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1560 - Don’t start fighting

Chapter 1560: Don’t start fighting

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If Big Dipper and Seven Star saw Ji Xiuran here, she would be nagged until she died.

Additionally, her relationship with Emperor Ji had to be kept a secret from other people.

“I’ll hide,” Ji Xiuran said and walked to the giant cabinet.

When Ji Xiuran was about to open the cabinet door, Ye Wanwan shouted, “DON’T—”

The door was locked and couldn’t be opened from the inside, but it could be opened from the outside.

Ye Wanwan watched as Emperor Ji opened the cabinet door, and his gentle and warm eyes clashed with the frosty and stormy eyes resting inside the cabinet.

Ye Wanwan shut her eyes with an anguished wail.

The life of a sinner!

“Sis Feng! Sis Feng! Eh? Why is your door broken, Sis Feng?”

Ye Wanwan facepalmed and had no choice but to push Ji Xiuran inside. She pleadingly peered at the two bosses inside and begged, “Sorry for the trouble. I’ll kick them out ASAP! You… you two… get along peacefully…”

Don’t start fighting in there…

She really wanted to cry…

Ji Xiuran glanced at the man next to him and calmly smiled. “Sure.”

Ji Xiuran is Ji Xiuran! He could still smile despite seeing another man in the cabinet and didn’t react strangely at all!

What kind of terrifying figure did she provoke?!

As for Lord Asura, his eyes were like daggers as he glanced at her before calmly closing his eyes.

Ye Wanwan hastily shut the cabinet doors.

The second the doors closed, Big Dipper and Seven Star entered.

Big Dipper plopped down on the sofa and picked up the tea Emperor Ji drank previously and gulped it down. He didn’t notice at all that the cup was still warm and someone was just there.

“Sis Feng, why is your door broken? Wasn’t it fine when we left earlier? But it’s fine, I’m talented at installing doors, so I’ll help you fix it in a jiffy! Leave it to me!” Big Dipper, who’d became experienced with installing doors, gloated.

“Why… are you two back?” Ye Wanwan fumed inwardly at the duo.

Big Dipper replied, “We have something very important of course!”

Ye Wanwan smiled insincerely. “Heh. If the sky isn’t falling down, I’ll beat you to death!”

“It’s related to your life, Sis Feng, so how could the sky not be falling down?!” Then Big Dipper clapped his hands and said, “Enter!”

A dozen or so people poured into the house.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes flitted over the newcomers. They were all handsome young men…

There was a man for every style and demeanor, and their looks were several times better than the batch Big Dipper hastily found last time.

It appeared he exerted quite the effort to find these people this time.

Ye Wanwan pinched her eyebrows, a headache on the horizon. “Again?! Didn’t I tell you to stop it already? Moreover, it’s useless for my circumstances even if you found people!”

Big Dipper leaned in close to Ye Wanwan and said, “How’s it useless? I heard that thing could affect your body, making it secrete some hormones or something and could make you lose control easier! Your recent behavior proves it’s true! Don’t lose your life before you treat the gu in you!”

“Sis Feng, make do with them for now! It’ll stop you from acting suicidally over and over again! Let’s cut off all thoughts about Emperor Ji and Lord Asura, okay?”

Although Seven Star didn’t speak, he probably agreed with Big Dipper’s actions.

In order to quickly coax these two into leaving, Ye Wanwan earnestly said, “Didn’t I already say that I was bored earlier?! In your eyes, am I really someone who would lose all rationality because I got muddled in the head by beautiful men?”

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