Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1559 - A great crisis in her pacifying career

Chapter 1559: A great crisis in her pacifying career

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At that moment, a black figure sauntered out from behind the cabinet.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted and she quickly said, “Virus, why are you so naughty?!”

She decisively shoved the blame onto Virus.

When Virus walked past the cabinet, he seemed to have detected something and suspiciously halted in front of the cabinet and sniffed the air before releasing a low warning growl.

D*mn! Don’t undermine me, Little Black!

Ye Wanwan hastily slapped the spot next to her on the sofa and commanded, “Virus, come over!”


The black panther hesitated between the cabinet and Ye Wanwan before choosing Ye Wanwan and walking toward her.

The black panther nimbly leaped onto the sofa and skillfully propped his head on Ye Wanwan’s lap.

Ye Wanwan appeasingly scratched Virus’ chin, causing him to squint in comfort and completely forget about the cabinet.

That was close!

Ye Wanwan finally relaxed when she saw Ji Xiuran stop focusing on the cabinet. She cleared her throat and said, “Heh, it’s so late already; I won’t keep you any longer. It looks like it’s about to rain, so you should leave soon.”

Ji Xiuran picked up his cup. “No hurry.”

Ye Wanwan: “…!!!”

What do you mean no hurry?! I’m in a great hurry, alright?!

Who knows how much longer that boss can tolerate staying inside the cabinet?!

“Xiao Feng, I know you like to have fun and like good-looking people. However, you can like anyone but Lord Asura, do you understand?” Ji Xiuran’s tone remained as gentle as always but his eyes contained a severeness that had never been there before.

“Understood, understood! I really don’t have any feelings for Lord Asura! That guy is always so eerie and stern-looking! He’s so scary! I wouldn’t take a fancy to him no matter how good-looking he is, alright?”

Ye Wanwan only wanted to Ji Xiuran to hurry and leave, so she would agree to everything he said. Who cared what he said, it was right regardless!

However… this way, she’d probably terribly offend the other person…

For the first time ever, Ye Wanwan felt like she was facing a crisis she’d never encountered before in her pacifying career…

I probably can’t… pacify his fur…

“I’m very picky! I prefer men who are gentle and like to smile~” Ye Wanwan was forced to first pacify the man before her in this tragic situation.

Ji Xiuran chuckled softly upon hearing that.

That smile…

Truthfully… Ji Xiuran’s attack power was too immense whenever he smiled…

Ye Wanwan regained her wits and slapped her head. What kind of time was it?! How could she dwell on this nonsense?!

Thankfully though, Ji Xiuran finally believed her.

“It’s really late. You should sleep soon.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you too!” All the tenseness rushed out of Ye Wanwan, and she didn’t notice how Ji Xiuran imperceptibly glanced at that simple cabinet.

“I’ll walk you out!” Ye Wanwan eagerly exclaimed.

A second before Ye Wanwan stood up to walk Ji Xiuran out, a wave of chaotic footsteps was heard from the outside.

On the tail was Big Dipper’s signature, unnecessarily loud voice. “Sis Feng! Sis Feng! Are you asleep?”

Big Dipper!!!

F*ck me!!!

It sounded like there were quite a number of people with Big Dipper.

Didn’t he leave? What the heck was he doing so late at night?!

“No! I can’t let Big Dipper and the others see you!” Ye Wanwan was about to go insane.

What was worse was that the lock on the door was destroyed by Ji Xiuran earlier, so the door was unlocked. The sound of Big Dipper’s footsteps approached, and the door was slowly being pushed open.

There was only one place she could hide someone in the entire living room…

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