Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 156: Ask your dear son

Chapter 156: Ask your dear son

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Mrs Song sized her son up and hesitated, "Zi Hang, let me ask you, did you have no idea what was going on at all? Did you do something that you weren't supposed to do?"

Upon hearing his mother's skeptical tone, Song Zi Hang blurted out, "Mom! What do you mean by that? How would I know? What could I have possibly done? Also, dad, I wanted to ask you, didn't you keep saying that there's no problem at all? How did it become like this all of a sudden? Did the deal go bust before?

Mr Song slammed the table and shouted, "You don't know? If you didn't know, why would Jiang Hai Chao tell me to go home and ask my dear son?! Whose fault could it be other than yours?!

Do you know how much manpower, resources and finances the company has invested into this bid? We even took up a huge loan. All the money has been invested into the equipment for that machine factory. Now that the deal's gone, everything has become a pile of scrap metal!"

What? Jiang Hai Chao told dad to come home and ask me?

Song Zi Hang's heart thumped hard as cold sweat started trickling down his spine, "Ask... Ask me..."

Mrs Song said anxiously, "Yes! Zi Hang, quickly, think about what you've done exactly, there might be a way to salvage this. Otherwise, the company's really gone. Our whole family will have to sleep on the streets!

Actually, from the time the Jiang family delayed the loan, I sensed something was off. Now that I think back, Jiang Hai Chao had probably started making plans from that point in time. Otherwise, the projects couldn't have been withdrawn so quickly and the bid wouldn't have gone so smoothly, catching us off-guard!

Your father and I thought about it for a long time and we were sure that nothing unusual happened during this period. Jiang Hai Chao's attitude has always been the same and both our families didn't have any conflicts so we really couldn't figure out why he turned against us suddenly.

Think about it carefully, what have you done recently?"

Mr Song then stared at his son in anger, "That day, I specifically called you to tell you to be nicer to Yan Ran--did you act accordingly? Let me ask you, did you make Yan Ran angry?"

Song Zi Hang's face was ghastly pale at this point in time. Facing his raging father, he swallowed his saliva and forced himself to be calm. Then, he denied it without the slightest hesitation, "How could that be?! Dad, mom, you guys still don't know me? Since when have I not waited upon that rich girl, Jiang Yan Ran, like a princess? All I have done is tolerated her temper, how could I make her angry? Don't you guys know what I've been through all these years?

I really didn't expect that even after suffering such indignities without complaint, Jiang Hai Chao was still so petty and unsatisfied with me!

It's obvious that the Jiangs are ungrateful and discarded us after our help was expended!"

Mr Song stared at his son sternly for a long time. Seeing that he pledged all this in sincerity and was affirmative in his tone, he started to believe him.

When Mrs Song heard what he said, she was completely on her son's side, "Old Song! We're witnesses to how Zi Hang usually treats Yan Ran. He's pretty much given her a sacrificial offering--how could it be Zi Hang's fault!"

Mr Song turned livid with rage and completely shifted his fury over to the Jiang family, "All right, you Jiang Hai Chao! So much for treating him like our family; he actually resorted to double-dealing and even hit us back by disparaging my son!"

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