Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 155: Fiery rage

Chapter 155: Fiery rage

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Song Zi Hang thoroughly enjoyed being looked at this way and continued pouring lavish praises on Shen Meng Qi, "Don't talk about that woman, how could she compare to you? Meng Qi, I'm my father's only son and will definitely inherit the wealth of the family. By then, I'll definitely give you the best of everything!"

"Zi Hang..." Shen Meng Qi appeared to be moved, "I don't care about any of that. As long as I can be with you, that's all I need!"

While the two of them were being lovey-dovey, Song Zi Hang's phone rang.

Upon seeing the caller ID, Song Zi Hang's face brightened, "My dad's calling, it must be to report the good news!"

Shen Meng Qi was also very excited when she heard that.

"Hello, dad?" Song Zi Hang immediately picked up the call.

"Zi Hang, get back here right now!" Daddy Song's solemn voice came through the receiver.

Song Zi Hang was still clouded by the excitement of having the kingdom and this beauty in his hands and didn't hear the difference in his father's tone, "Got it, I'll come back right now!"

After he hung up, Song Zi Hang told Shen Meng Qi, "Meng Qi, my dad wants me to go back. It's probably to attend the celebration party!"

"You should get going then!" Shen Meng Qi revealed a joyful expression, certain that she didn't put her stakes on the wrong horse.

Song Zi Hang held the girl's slender hand, "Meng Qi, I'll tell my parents about us after I head back. I'll be able to bring you home next time!"


Song Zi Hang rushed back home eagerly.

"Dad! Congratulations! Are we having a celebration tonight?" Song Zi Hang pushed the door open and entered the living room in high spirits.

But then he was hit on the head by a teacup the moment he stepped in. "Bastard!"

Song Zi Hang's forehead started hurting as he got his wits smashed out of him, "Dad... You're insane!"

Mrs Song saw her own son being hit on the head and was heartbroken. She brought a towel over and pressed on the wound, "Old Song! Can't you talk things out nicely?! Do you have to use such a heavy hand?!"

"Talk nicely, how do you want me to talk to him nicely?!" Mr Song's face turned red with fury.

"Mom? What exactly happened? Isn't today the day of the bid? Dad, why're you so angry, hitting me the moment I get back?! Am I really your son?" Song Zi Hang said resentfully.

Mrs. Song covered her son's mouth like he said something taboo, "Don't mention the bid! At first, the Jiangs promised they would transfer the hundred million over before the bid. Who knew that they didn't transfer the money and even entered the bid to compete with us. In the end... The project landed in the Jiang family's hands..."

Song Zi Hang's expression changed instantly and he shouted in an uncontrollable rage, "Mom! What did you just say?! The Jiangs acted in bad faith--how could they do this?! That project was rightfully ours!"

Mrs Song continued gravely, "That isn't the worst part. Our families were relatives by marriage; it's fine if they don't trust our family and took the deal away. We'd be a family sooner or later and the Jiang family only has one daughter so everything would belong to you.

However, after the bidding ended, that Jiang Hai Chao actually announced the cancellation of our two families' engagement in front of everyone and even said that they want to cut all ties. All the collaborations between both our families were severed overnight!"

Song Zi Hang was in disbelief, "Mom! What'd you just say? They called off the engagement? How can they simply call it off whenever they want; who do they think we are? Throwing us away when our value has depleted? They're going too far! We can't let this go!"


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