Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 154: Recovered losses

Chapter 154: Recovered losses

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In the following week, Song Zi Hang let himself loose and got very intimate with Shen Meng Qi.

Ye Wanwan observed the situation with the Jiang family calmly while gathering information secretly and waited for an opportunity.

Her big move on Si Xia had worked for quite some time. The boy was very well-behaved for an entire week and didn't dare to provoke her, and he was also very obedient during rehearsals.

After waiting in silence for several days, the news that Ye Wanwan was waiting for finally arrived.

Today was the day of the government open bid.

Mr Jiang called just as she arrived back at the dormitory that night.

Ye Wanwan prompted Jiang Yan Ran anxiously with her eyes glistening, "Quick, answer it!"

Jiang Yan Ran nodded and turned on the loudspeaker, "Hello, daddy?"

Mr Jiang's loving voice came through the receiver, "Hello, Yan Ran, daddy called to tell you some good news. Today's bid was very successful--we got the project!"

Although it was expected, Ye Wanwan was still quite emotional.

While she was still basking in happiness, Mr Jiang went on, "Also, we've publicly announced the cancellation of your engagement with the Songs. Thanks to your friend's warning, we were able to act in time before they were alerted. I've withdrawn all the funds from the other projects and cancelled numerous collaborations and dealings. I've also managed to recover all our losses!"

Most importantly, that big project was in the Jiangs' hands.

So anyhow, they made some gains from it!

"Oh right, is your friend there?"

"She's here," Jiang Yan Ran passed the phone over to Ye Wanwan.

"Uncle Jiang, I'm here!"

"Wanwan, come over for dinner when you're free. Uncle owes you a big one. Let me know if you need help in future!"

"Thank you, uncle!"

"Ay, uncle should be the one thanking you!"


At the same time, in the school canteen:

Song Zi Hang didn't have a clue about what was going on and was still enjoying a sweet dinner with Shen Meng Qi. These days, the two of them were always together like a little couple deeply in love.

They were still displaying their affection publicly as usual today.

"Zi Hang, today's the day your family takes part in the bid with the government right? I wonder what the result will be..." Shen Meng Qi asked in a caring manner, filled with curiosity.

Once she mentioned that, Song Zi Hang was immediately filled with satisfaction and said confidently, "I spoke to my dad last night--everything's in place, the funds will definitely reach us soon. There's absolutely no problem!"

Shen Meng Qi sighed in relief and said, "That's good. At first, I was worried that I would cause trouble for you. What if Yan Ran said some things to her parents..."

Song Zi Hang replied fearlessly, "How could that be, Meng Qi? You're too simple-minded. Both our families have worked together for so many years and are inseparable. Our partnership isn't something that can be destroyed by a spoiled princess like Jiang Yan Ran spouting a few words.

Look at how impressive the Jiangs are now; it's all because they have our backing. Otherwise, they wouldn't have survived. Jiang Yan Ran's parents were both in the entertainment industry before and went through a complete career change. What would they know about doing business?"

"That's true, it's truly all thanks to your family. Yan Ran's too ungrateful and even pulled that trick with Chu Feng. Isn't she trying to make you look bad on purpose?" Shen Meng Qi said defensively and looked at him in admiration.

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