Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 153: Seeking death

Chapter 153: Seeking death

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After the people saw Shen Meng Qi, their eyes lit up and they rushed towards her with eyes of envy. They announced her arrival aloud teasingly, "She's here, she's here! Shen Meng Qi's here!"

As they moved closer, Ye Wanwan saw a big heart-shape on the ground floor of the girls' dorm made of candles. In the middle was Shen Meng Qi's name and surrounding it was a sea of roses.

Song Zi Hang's tall and handsome figure stood there. In his arms was a giant bouquet of roses, almost half as tall as a person, and his gaze was fixated on Shen Meng Qi.

Shen Meng Qi played along and gave a shocked expression. Her helpless and shy appearance, like a little white bunny, was enough to tug at the heartstrings of any guy.

Under the gaze of all the onlookers, Song Zi Hang carried the flowers and walked towards Shen Meng Qi with vigorous strides, "Meng Qi, forgive me for being presumptuous. But there are some things, some feelings that I can't hold back any longer!

I like you! From the first time I met you, I fell deeply for you!

I like your simplicity, your kindness, your innocence, your everything!

I know you're the one I want, the one I'm destined to be with, the one I want to protect my entire life!"

Song Zi Hang's confession caused the crowd to scream in excitement and envy——

"Ahhh! That's so romantic and lovely!"

"Captain Song, you're amazing! If someone courted me like that, my life would be complete!"

"Say yes! Say yes!"

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes and was speechless when she saw all those candles and roses. This method of confession was so outdated but was probably quite novel for this period in time.

Tsk, this Song Zi Hang doesn't let me down--he's still dashing ahead on the road to death!

The Song family gave him a call deliberately to get him to pacify Jiang Yan Ran. Instead, he did the exact opposite. Since he was thoroughly embarrassed by Jiang Yan Ran that morning and lost his dignity, he made a grand confession to Shen Meng Qi for revenge.

At this moment, Ye Wanwan saw from afar that Jiang Yan Ran was also in the crowd.

The people around her were gesticulating; most of them were either gloating or sympathising with her.

"Eh, Jiang Yan Ran's so unlucky. After all, she was the one who liked Song Zi Hang first!"

"That's right, although Chu Feng's not that bad, the Chu family has a mess to deal with and they probably reached their end already! Unlike the Song family, their news is everywhere on the Economics cover page!"

"But you can't blame Song Zi Hang for choosing Shen Meng Qi; there aren't many girls who are as simple and kind as Shen Meng Qi these days!"


Initially, Ye Wanwan was worried about Jiang Yan Ran but thankfully, her reaction was better than expected. She only glanced at all of this coldly and was disinterested in Song Zi Hang's performance as she carried her books back into the dormitory nonchalantly.

While Shen Meng Qi next to her was blushing under the envious eyes of everyone and basking in Song Zi Hang's affectionate confession, she appeared to be very shy, inciting an urge to embrace and love her.

Seeing Shen Meng Qi's abashed little face, the agitation that Song Zi Hang felt that morning by Jiang Yan Ran instantly disappeared. When he saw the retreating figure of Jiang Yan Ran from the corner of his eye, he even thought that she left heartbroken.

Song Zi Hang looked at Shen Meng Qi once again and continued his confession with deep emotions, "Meng Qi, be with me. Give me the chance to take care of you, protect you and give you happiness!"

Shen Meng Qi obviously didn't let such a good opportunity to clutch on to Song Zi Hang pass.

However, with her shrewdness, she wouldn't accept him directly in front of everyone. She put on a shy face the whole way and accepted the flowers from Song Zi Hang after making a polite show of declining. She still didn't say a word and hurried back into the dormitory, blushing.

With this kind of reaction, it could be thought that she had accepted him in the eyes of Song Zi Hang and the crowd. However, if she wanted to deny what happened or pacify her spare tires, she'd be able to.

Ye Wanwan watched delightfully as Song Zi Hang sought death. She calculated the time in her heart. Uncle Jiang should be ready soon and it was also time for her to prepare...

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