Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 152: Of course I'll forgive her

Chapter 152: Of course I'll forgive her

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In fact, she shouldn't have this ability.

During her previous life, although her father hired a professional to train her so that she could learn some self-defence, she only kept at it for a month.

However, she realised that when it came to combat skills or any other skills that normal people found uncommon, she was able to pick them up very quickly with her strong perceptive skills.

It was like those skills were ingrained in her brain--she wasn't learning but instead, she was merely recalling them.

Previously, in order to hide from Si Ye Han, she not only hid her looks but all the abilities she had, anything that might expose her sharpness.

But in this life, she wouldn't be so silly. There was a metaphorical knife in her hand and yet, she had allowed herself and the people around her to end up in tragedies.

After school:

The moment Ye Wanwan left the classroom, she saw Shen Meng Qi waiting eagerly for her by the door.

It seemed like she noticed that she was getting closer to Jiang Yan Ran and had started to panic.

"Wanwan!" The second Shen Meng Qi saw Ye Wanwan, she immediately walked over enthusiastically and hooked onto her elbow, "Shall we all have a barbeque dinner tonight?"

Ye Wanwan replied in her usual tone, "Sure!"

While walking, Shen Meng Qi probed, "Wanwan, I heard you're living with Yan Ran now? It must be hard to live with someone with her character, right? Why don't you move over to my place?"

"It's fine, I'm too lazy to move all over the place," Ye Wanwan replied nonchalantly.

Shen Meng Qi was still worried, "Did Yan Ran tell you anything about me? Wanwan, you know me best. With Yan Ran's incident, I didn't do it on purpose--I had no choice when Song Zi Hang kept pestering me. In order to not upset her, I tried my best to hide it but who knew it would still make her upset in the end and misunderstand me... Wanwan, you can understand how I feel right?"

If it was the old Ye Wanwan, she'd definitely understand. Even if there was evidence right in front of her eyes stating otherwise, she'd still choose to believe Shen Meng Qi.

Ye Wanwan wrinkled her brows like she was hesitating but in the end, she nodded. She spoke like she'd just been brainwashed, "Meng Qi, of course I understand. You're so pretty, kind and amazing, it's inevitable that so many people are in love with you! How could we blame you?"

After hearing that, Shen Meng Qi was delighted. A trace of mockery appeared beneath her eyes --I was nervous for nothing. Ye Wanwan's so dumb, she's still as gullible as before.

While the two of them chatted, Shen Meng Qi's phone suddenly rang.

Ye Wanwan took a peek and saw it was the name of one of the junior boys in second year, one of the fanatical suitors of Shen Meng Qi. His family was also well-off but of course, was incomparable to Song Zi Hang.

There were quite a few others that she knew of who were kept hanging like spare tires by Shen Meng Qi.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and a glow of understanding flashed across her eyes.

"Hello?" Shen Meng Qi didn't move away from Ye Wanwan and picked up the call.

"Saturday? I'm afraid I can't make it, I have make-up classes. I can't make it on Sunday too--I'm really sorry. Next time, alright?"

Shen Meng Qi used the sweetest voice to reject whoever was on the phone.

Her main focus was on Song Zi Hang now. All the spare tires 1, 2 and 3 had to be on standby for now.

Shen Meng Qi hung up, looked at Ye Wanwan and continued, "Yan Ran seemed to be so in love with Song Zi Hang; I really didn't expect that she'd get together with Chu Feng so quickly. Probably because Chu Feng comes from a wealthy family..."

With the way things were going, not only was she trying to brainwash her, she was also prepared to smear Jiang Yan Ran and hint that Jiang Yan Ran was flirtatious and greedy.

But actually, with Shen Meng Qi's intelligence, she knew just as well as everybody else that Chu Feng's family's glory was only temporary as the industry wasn't doing well and plummeting. They'd be bankrupt very soon. She obviously wouldn't fall for this kind of person.

The two of them chatted away while walking towards the dorms to put their books down.

The moment they reached the entrance to the girls' dormitory, they suddenly noticed a large crowd around the entrance.


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