Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 157: Incredibly shameless

Chapter 157: Incredibly shameless

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Seeing that his parents were no longer suspicious, Song Zi Hang heaved a sigh of relief silently.

Thankfully, he had been very nice to Yan Ran in front of the parents of both families. Even Jiang Hai Chao wouldn't suspect him, much less his parents.

Then, how did this happen...

How did things end up this way?

In the blink of an eye, he lost everything. The project was gone, the collaboration was gone, the production line was useless, the company was knee-deep in debt and was about to go bankrupt!

He knew Jiang Yan Ran too well and was confident that he already had that woman hooked. No matter what he did, she'd never object because she was afraid that he'd hate her so it was impossible that she'd go home to complain.

So what if he protected Meng Qi and confessed to her in public? That would only make Yan Ran jealous and become more devoted to him!

Now, she dolled up so beautifully and ran to Chu Feng just to provoke him and try to change his mind, right?

He never expected that Jiang Hai Chao would actually call off the engagement between the two families!

Damn it! I knew it, it must be because that woman, Jiang Yan Ran, was pushed too far so she had to use heavy tactics to force me to submit!

Song Zi Hang tried probing his dad, "Dad, what should we do now?"

A sense of tiredness overwhelmed Mr Song's face, "I can only think of one thing. If the Jiang family is willing to work with us on this government project, that's the only way to salvage things.

But if Jiang Hai Chao really wants to be so brutal, I won't let him have it so easy; I'll fight until both sides perish. I want everyone to know the crafty and treacherous side of the Jiangs! Then we'll see how they can continue to work in this field, how their daughter is going to get married!"

Song Zi Hang's face turned gloomy, "Dad, you're right! The Song family is not to be trifled with!"

Mrs Song looked at her son, heartbroken, "Zi Hang, it's been hard on you all these years! You've been so kind to Yan Ran yet the Jiangs were so ruthless nonetheless!"

After Song Zi Hang left his house, he rushed back to school with rage burning inside of him.

At the same time, Ye Wanwan and Jiang Yan Ran had enjoyed a lavish meal at the barbecue stall in celebration and were taking a stroll by the sports grounds to digest their food.

Suddenly, Jiang Yan Ran's phone rang.

Jiang Yan Ran opened the text to take a look, "Song Zi Hang asked to meet me."

Ye Wanwsn lifted her gaze, unbothered by it, "Meet him then!"

After all, it was a good opportunity for Jiang Yan Ran to see the true colours of this scumbag.

Jiang Yan Ran pinched her fingers and then replied: I'm at the sports grounds .

"I'll sit over there and wait for you!" Ye Wanwan went and sat down at the stands nearby.

Song Zi Hang got there very quickly, almost sprinting like the wind to Jiang Yan Ran. He had just managed to catch his breath before he immediately started scolding her, "Jiang Yan Ran! I really didn't expect that you'd be this kind of person! You tossed me away once you hooked up with that gigolo, Chu Feng! And you actually made your father call off the engagement! You think the engagement can be called off just like that by the Jiang family? What do you think the Song family is, people that're at your beck and call?!"

Jiang Yan Ran looked at the boy in front of her, expressionless, "Are you done?"

"What? Wasn't I right? Are you feeling guilty now? I really didn't expect that you'd be so evil! That project belongs to my family; who are you to snatch it from us?!"

Upon hearing what Song Zi Hang said, even Ye Wanwan was stunned and amazed by how shameless he was.


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