Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1553 - Sending letters late at night

Chapter 1553: Sending letters late at night

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As soon as Big Dipper heard that, he stared at the eerie haunted house behind Ye Wanwan. He shuddered, and his hair stood on its end. “No… no need, Sis Feng! We believe you! Absolutely believe you! Bye! Goodnight!”

Then he immediately dragged Seven Star with him and ran off into the distance…

Who would want to live in this d*mn place?!

Ye Wanwan nodded with satisfaction at successfully scaring those two away.

It appeared this unlucky house that was on the brink of sending her into a nervous breakdown from fright was a tad useful.

Ye Wanwan was about to enter when she saw a flash of lightning in the distant sky.

It turned dark and cloudy in the evening, so a rainstorm was probably coming tonight.

Although Ye Wanwan had become more accustomed to it, this bloody place’s fear factor when it was gloomy and raining could give her a heart attack from terror!

Thankfully, she brought Great White and Little Black back today, and they could keep her company.

To prevent Big Dipper and Seven Star from nagging her nonstop, Ye Wanwan didn’t have them run errands for her and sent Liuying to help her send a letter to Lord Asura instead.

Ye Wanwan sat on the sofa and petted Great White’s large, furry head with a smile on her lips.

She had Great White prepared and just needed favorable circumstances to arrive!

While petting Great White, another large, furry, and black head butted into her hand and the owner of the head growled as he shoved Great White away.

Ye Wanwan quickly scratched the jealous Virus. “Alright, alright, be good, Little Black! Pet, pet, pet, I’ll also pet you! You’re the most well-behaved!”

At the same time at Asura’s manor:

Jiang Yan apprehensively handed a letter to Lord Asura.

He couldn’t bear to look at this letter…

The letter was tied to a brilliant and beautiful red rose. The scent of perfume emanated from the letter, and pink hearts were printed on the envelope.

“The bearer of the letter said it’s a letter from the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng, asking to meet with you tonight…”

Jiang Yan explained with his head downcast, as he recalled the scene featuring Lord Asura and Bai Feng that he stumbled upon last time. Embarrassment, as well as fury, filled his heart.

How could the Fearless Alliance humiliate his Lord like that?! After his Lord’s gu was treated, Asura absolutely wouldn’t spare them!

However, a cure for gu poison still hadn’t been found, so they couldn’t strike the Fearless Alliance.

“Bai Feng simply went too far! I heard she embarrassed Emperor Ji in the middle of the street a few days ago, and now she dares to humiliate Asura!” Jiang Yan declared, enraged.

“Leave!” The man sounded abnormally dark and cold.

Jiang Yan trembled. “Then this letter…”

Jiang Yan met his Lord’s dark expression and immediately said, “I’ll trash it immediately! That Bai Feng not only sent a letter to you but also sent one to Emperor Ji! She’s simply…”

“What did you say?” The man’s dark expression instantly turned into the dark, rolling clouds before a raging storm.

Half an hour later:

Ye Wanwan’s fingers tapped against the coffee table.

She didn’t know whether Si Yehan would come or not…

She even specifically instructed Liuying to add fuel to the fire and lie that he was also sending a letter to Emperor Ji…

Quiet but heavy footsteps were heard in the night winds outside the door.

Thud, thud, thud. The sound of knocking reverberated in the eerie haunted house, making the night appear more terrifying.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes sharpened, and she nonchalantly stood up.

*Squeakkkk.* The main door was opened, and Ye Wanwan grinned when she saw the extremely foreboding man standing outside the door. “Welcome, esteemed Lord Asura! Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling; it’s truly my honor!”

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