Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1552 - Casually having fun

Chapter 1552: Casually having fun

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Why didn’t he permit her to go near Lord Asura…?

Ye Wanwan was pondering over that when she heard Ji Xiuran speak. “Because you’re my fiancée.”


She didn’t expect this response from Ji Xiuran and started choking.

Emperor Ji can’t be… jealous, right?

Lately, Ji Xiuran retained his graceful and aloof attitude no matter what, so she really couldn’t associate him with something like jealousy.

Moreover, Bai Feng wasn’t his fiancée; she was just his secret lover! Wasn’t his fiancée Worriless Nie?

Ye Wanwan didn’t thoroughly understand Bai Feng and Ji Xiuran’s situation though, so she had no choice but to laugh wryly and refrain from speaking carelessly.

At this time, “Worriless Nie” suddenly started walking toward them, and Ye Wanwan hastily took the opportunity to leave. “Um, well, I still have something to do, so I’ll be leaving now!”

Then she immediately dragged the unwilling Big Dipper, whose mouth was dripping with grease, and Seven Star out of the Shen residence.

In the distance, she could see “Worriless Nie” daintily standing in front of Ji Xiuran and saying something to him.

Ye Wanwan saw that Seven Star looked relieved in the car and turned to him with raised brows. “Why do you look like you’ve been relieved of a heavy burden?”

Big Dipper kept eating the pastry he took with him as he said, “Do you need to ask? Emperor Ji and Lord Asura actually appeared at the same time tonight, but you managed to hold back from throwing yourself at the lure of two beauties, Sis Feng. It’s simply too surprising!”

“…” Do you need to be so surprised?

Seven Star hesitatingly said, “Sis Feng, these two aren’t people the Fearless Alliance can provoke.”

“Last time, Sis Feng, it was too dangerous how you gave flowers to Emperor Ji and snuck into Asura’s place in the middle of the night. Thankfully, you returned safely and Emperor Ji didn’t give you trouble afterward, but you won’t be so lucky every single time.”

Seeing that Seven Star was nagging her again, Ye Wanwan helplessly waved her hand. “I know, I know. I was just bored last time and casually having fun! Don’t be so nervous! Look at you, you’re only in your teens, but I would think you’re 70 or 80 if I didn’t know any better!”

Seven Star: “…”

She did something so dangerous because she was bored?

She can casually have fun about something like this?

Seven Star frowned deeply. “Sis Feng…”

“Stop! I promise! I promise I won’t wreak havoc again! You can return your heart to your chest!”

Seven Star intently examined her vehement attitude for a moment before believing her.

Ye Wanwan relaxed when Seven Star stopped nagging.


Won’t wreak havoc? Impossible!

My plan finally progressed to this stage after great difficulty!

She didn’t know why Emperor Ji started fighting today, but a certain person…

“Oh right. Big Dipper, Seven Star, help me transport Little White and Little Black to my place!” Ye Wanwan instructed while rubbing her chin.

Knowing that Sis Feng really liked those two, Big Dipper and Seven Star didn’t think too much about it and nodded in agreement.

Ye Wanwan returned to her unlucky house.

Soon, Big Dipper and Seven Star sent Virus and Slaughter over.

Perhaps Seven Star detected something since he stared anxiously at Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, you really won’t do anything?”

Ye Wanwan nodded frantically. “I won’t, I won’t!”

Seven Star was going to say something else, but Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted, and she immediately suggested, “If you two are worried, do you want to stay here with me tonight?”

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