Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1551 - Follow me home

Chapter 1551: Follow me home

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Ji Xiuran’s followers were all baffled. Patriarch Ji was hit by a car?

Why was it Nameless Nie instead of them who received the news…?

They found it odd but no one dared to say anything. What if Patriarch Ji really got hit?

Ye Wanwan finally relaxed when she saw Ji Xiuran and Lord Asura’s conflict subsiding. If she allowed them to keep fighting, who knew when they’d stop?

Moreover, Ji Xiuran and Lord Asura’s match didn’t only concern them—it also concerned the powers under Emperor Ji and Lord Asura. If these two factions started fighting, the consequences were inconceivable.

Ye Wanwan walked to Lord Asura and sat across from him, silent as she intently stared at this incredibly familiar face.

It was nearly 10 minutes before the man finally looked at her and asked coldly, “Have you seen enough yet, President Bai?”

Ye Wanwan beamed. “Lord Asura is so good-looking, how could I ever see enough?”

Ye Wanwan didn’t wait for Lord Asura to respond before continuing, “I’m very curious about why Lord Asura started fighting with Emperor Ji? Could it be what Big Dipper said—Lord Asura and Emperor Ji became hot-tempered from playing chess?”

Lord Asura was silent for a moment before replying, “President Bai can interpret it like that.”

“…” She didn’t realize Lord Asura was rather talented at spinning tales.

“Esteemed Lord Asura… I have something to show you,” Ye Wanwan said with a light chuckle as her eyes shifted.

“What is it?” Lord Asura asked indifferently.

“I didn’t bring the object; it’s at my house… May I ask if Lord Asura has the time to follow me home and take a look…?” Ye Wanwan asked.

At that time, she would bring Great White back to the unlucky house… As long as Lord Asura came, she didn’t believe she wouldn’t be able to feel him out!

“We’ll talk when I have time.”

Lord Asura languidly stood up and left with Jiang Yan and his other followers.

“Great, it’s a date then, esteemed Lord Asura! You can’t go back on your word, alright?” Ye Wanwan’s lips turned with an ineffable smile.

If Lord Asura really was Si Yehan, there was no way Great White wouldn’t recognize him. A wild beast like Great White didn’t only recognize people by sight but also by scent. Lord Asura definitely didn’t expect Great White to be at the Fearless Alliance right now.

Considering Lord Asura’s identity, it wouldn’t be suitable to have him personally visit the Fearless Alliance… but it wouldn’t be any problem if he visited the unlucky house.

Not long after Lord Asura left, Ji Xiuran returned and inspected the surroundings.

Ji Xiuran walked toward Ye Wanwan.

“Xiuran, how’s Uncle?” she asked.

“He’s fine,” Ji Xiuran answered.

“What about… Brother Nameless?” Ye Wanwan probed.

“He fled,” Ji Xiuran replied honestly.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Ji Xiuran looked at her. “Where’s Lord Asura?”

“I don’t know… Probably left…”

“From now on, you aren’t permitted to go near Lord Asura.” Ji Xiuran’s tone was more forceful than ever before and didn’t allow her any room to question or disagree with him.

“Why?” Ye Wanwan was very curious. She wanted to know what caused Ji Xiuran to shed all pretenses with Lord Asura in this kind of setting and even start fighting with him.

“You want to know?” Ji Xiuran’s cosmos-like eyes stared at her.

“I do…” She nodded. Of course I want to know.

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