Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1554 - Take you with me when I remarry

Chapter 1554: Take you with me when I remarry

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The man’s mind instantly cleared up when he saw the girl’s cunning eyes. He fell into her trap.

However… if he didn’t come… she might’ve really gone and met up with Ji Xiuran!

She’d definitely do something like that!

Hence, he only had one choice either way.

Si Yehan felt like a ball of flame was stiflingly roaring in his chest, but he didn’t say anything.

Ye Wanwan cheerfully said, “Lord Asura, please enter!”

He stepped inside and the door was shut by the wind with a bang.

Close the door, release Great White!

To guarantee the best outcome, she specifically relocated Little Black elsewhere.

Ye Wanwan excitedly glanced at Great White lying on the carpet. Great White, it’s on you!

Great White retained his wild nature and was extraordinarily cautious and rejected everyone except for Tangtang and Si Yehan, his owner. Back then, she had to strenuously improve his impression of her for a long time before she could finally approach him.

Great White’s attitude toward familiar people compared to strangers was very obvious.

As Ye Wanwan led Si Yehan into the house, she observed Great White’s attitude.

If Lord Asura was Si Yehan, Great White would remain relaxed even if he wasn’t too passionate. However, if Lord Asura was a stranger, Great White would definitely roar in warning at him.

“Please sit, Lord Asura!” When Ye Wanwan saw Lord Asura looking at the white tiger, she imperceptibly said, “This is my pet. May I ask if Lord Asura has ever raised a pet?”

“Never,” the man answered expressionlessly.

This man was lying through his teeth!

Great White lay on the carpet, unperturbed, without even looking up. Ye Wanwan smiled fakely and commented, “How strange. My white tiger would definitely growl viciously at strangers, but he’s not reacting at all upon seeing you today, Lord Asura…”

“Is that so?” The man aloofly glanced at the tiger lying next to the sofa.

Great White glanced up at the man, seemingly uninterested in attacking.

Ye Wanwan looked unsurprised and snorted. “Of course. Unless he’s facing someone he’s extremely close to or… his owner, my white tiger absolutely wouldn’t react like this… I wonder… When did Lord Asura meet my Great White? And get so familiar with him?”

As Ye Wanwan pressingly asked, an earth-shattering roar was heard from next to her.


Slaughter suddenly advanced toward and roared extremely viciously, exposing even his fangs. He was cautiously and threateningly staring at the man, as though he would pounce on the man at any moment.

The man picked up a cup of tea and indifferently glanced at her. “President Bai’s pet seems to be a bit… slow-witted in his reaction.”

Ye Wanwan was flabbergasted. “…”

A moment later, Ye Wanwan nearly exploded as she looked at the roaring and bristling Slaughter and the indifferent man across from her.

Slow-witted your sister!


Great White, you faker!!!

You’re truly the same as your owner!

I’ve misjudged you!

Ye Wanwan gritted her teeth. “Good, wonderful. You’re truly impressive, Lord Asura, I concede defeat to you.”

“I don’t understand what President Bai is saying.”


Ye Wanwan watched as the man played dumb but she had no solution, so she viciously glared at the growling Slaughter. “Enough, you faker! I’ve treated you so well for nothing! Watch me take you with me when I remarry!”

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