Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1542 - Need to seduce him?

Chapter 1542: Need to seduce him?

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Soon, calmness returned to Nie Linglong’s eyes. If Worriless Nie really was pretending to be the president of the Fearless Alliance, then that’d make things simpler. She just needed to inform the Fearless Alliance that Ye Wanwan was Chinese, and everything would be resolved easily.

What she was afraid of was Ji Xiuran using his own power to help Worriless Nie ascend to the Fearless Alliance’s throne…

After some careful thought, this kind of situation wouldn’t happen. With the Fearless Alliance’s style, they wouldn’t compromise and acknowledge a stranger to be the president of the Fearless Alliance even if it was Ji Xiuran, one of the bosses from Prison, or the president of the Martial Arts Union who requested it…

After careful consideration, Nie Linglong determined that Worriless Nie had to have pretended to be President Fearless, Bai Feng, for some reason after coming to the Independent State!

Nie Linglong wasn’t interested in knowing the reason, nor did it have anything to do with her.

At this moment, the audience was in an uproar.

The socialites and upper-class women who looked at Ye Wanwan in disgust and suspicion froze in their spots, incredulous.

No matter how you looked at it, that woman didn’t look like the vicious and evil Bro Flattop, Bai Feng, from the rumors!

Who was the Fearless Alliance? They weren’t afraid of the heavens or hell, they insulted Asura, they stole gold and gems and treasure from the Shen family, they fought mercenaries from the Nie family, they destroyed subordinate factions of the Ji family…

As if that wasn’t enough… rumors claimed they even provoked the man whose alias was Invincible…

A vicious person like that would seduce the eldest young master of the Hang family?!

There would be a tinge of plausibility if they said she seduced Lord Asura or Emperor Ji… but the eldest young master of the Hang family…?

“Didn’t Eldest Young Master Hang claim that President Fearless… extorted money from him?” a young man suddenly said from the crowd.

Even the drop of a needle could be heard at the venue.

No one with a brain cell would believe it…

Although the Hang family was a respectable family in the Independent State, the Fearless Alliance had at least ten times the wealth of the Hang family, yet he claimed the president of the Fearless Alliance would sacrifice her body to con a little money from Eldest Young Master Hang???

That was more absurd than a joke!

“F-fear-fearless Alliance…” Eldest Miss Sun’s teeth were chattering and her face was ghastly pale. She collapsed to the ground like a pile of mud and fearfully stared at Ye Wanwan. “Bro… Bro Flat—No… no… It’s President… President Bai…”

Ye Wanwan coldly surveyed Eldest Miss Sun and Eldest Young Master Hang.

She didn’t know these two people at all, so why would they come running to her and claim she seduced Eldest Young Master Hang and extorted money from him for no reason?

It would be explainable, and she could understand it if it was just a misunderstanding, but this was evidently not a misunderstanding.

If it wasn’t a misunderstanding, then a better explanation would be that someone was directing them.

At the same time, sweat seeped on the forehead of the red-gowned socialite standing next to “Worriless Nie.” She was the one who involved Eldest Young Master Hang and Eldest Miss Sun. But… how could she have known that this woman was the president of the Fearless Alliance?!?!?!

If she knew, there was no way she would’ve dared to do this!

“President… of the Fearless Alliance?” Eldest Young Master Shen was dumbfounded. First, he glanced at Nameless Nie next to him before running his eyes over Ye Wanwan.

When he visited the Fearless Alliance, President Fearless was dressed like a widow and used a black veil to cover her face, so how could he have recognized the little sweetie who made his heart pound as President Fearless?!

“No wonder… When I saw her at the Fearless Alliance, I didn’t see her face clearly, but I found her voice familiar… It turns out I met her already at the Nie residence…” Eldest Young Master Shen murmured.

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