Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1543 - Sorry, I mistook you

Chapter 1543: Sorry, I mistook you

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“Ah…” Nameless Nie looked sorrowful and sighed helplessly.

It was over. After learning that Ye Wanwan was currently President Fearless, Eldest Young Master Shen wouldn’t have any feelings for her anymore.

“Old Pal Shen… In truth, I didn’t intentionally deceive you. You know how something like love is unrelated to status, gender, or race. Love is love. If you’ve fallen in love, you can pursue her whether she’s a human, ghost or poltergeist… Even humans and dogs can get married… Of course, dogs don’t need betrothal gifts, but humans…” Nameless Nie quietly said with a smile.

“Yes!” Eldest Young Master Shen gave Nameless Nie a thumbs up. “I like women like little sweetheart who have both beauty and intelligence, both intelligence and martial skills, both martial skills and viciousness! She’s the little sweetheart who the heavens sent to me to spend the rest of my life with. She’s my little angel… my goddess, my most beloved…”

Nameless Nie was baffled. Was Eldest Young Master serious…? Was masochism considered an illness?

“Right, right, right!” Nameless Nie nodded vehemently. “Old Pal Shen, look at me, I’ve experienced this before. Love is like this…”

“Brother Nie, have you had a girlfriend before?” Eldest Young Master Shen curiously asked Nameless Nie all of a sudden.

Nameless Nie: “…”

“Eh… Old Pal Shen, I’m telling you. Love… has absolutely nothing to do with whether someone’s had a girlfriend before!” Nameless Nie said.

Before Eldest Young Master Shen could respond, he felt a bone-chilling gaze landing on him. It was akin to an icily glinting dagger, causing discomfort to envelop his body.

Eldest Young Master Shen turned around and discovered both Lord Asura and Ji Xiuran staring at him.

One had an inexplicable smile in his eyes while the other had a cold glint in his eyes.

“Brother Nie… Why are Lord Asura and Emperor Ji looking at me? I feel like their gazes pose an indescribable threat to me…” Eldest Young Master Shen asked Nameless Nie.

“Oh?” Nameless Nie looked forward and was startled when he saw Lord Asura.

This man looked somewhat familiar… very familiar… Did he see this man somewhere before…? But he couldn’t recall it now.

Eldest Miss Sun suddenly knelt in front of Ye Wanwan. “President Bai… It’s a misunderstanding… We mistook you… President Bai, believe me!”

“President Bai, it’s really a misunderstanding. A woman once seduced me and extorted money from me, and President Bai is wearing similar clothes to that woman today, so it caused us to mistake the wrong person. President Bai mustn’t take it to heart.” Eldest Young Master Hang wore a saccharine smile as he looked at Ye Wanwan.

“Oh…? You mistook me?” Ye Wanwan stared at the couple and chuckled lightly.

“Yes, yes, yes! I mistook you! I definitely mistook you!” Eldest Young Master Hang chuckled abashedly.


A crisp sound rang out at the venue.

In front of everyone, Seven Star slowly walked up and ruthlessly backhanded Eldest Young Master Hang’s face.

Blood immediately dribbled from the corner of Eldest Young Master Hang’s lips.

“Apologies, I mistook you. I thought you were my enemy.” Seven Star expressionlessly stared at him.

Big Dipper’s eyes brightened, and he instantly sent his leg flying, kicking Eldest Young Master Hang several meters back.

“Oh!” Big Dipper looked surprised. “Sorry, I mistook you!”

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