Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1541 - Pork-chop face

Chapter 1541: Pork-chop face

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“Wait… what… did Lord Asura call that woman?” A socialite looked surprised when she seemingly heard Bai Feng’s form of address from Lord Asura.

Although she temporarily couldn’t recall Bai Feng’s name, it was very familiar as though she’d heard it before…

“Sis Feng, who are you fighting with?!”

Big Dipper suddenly joined the gathering with Seven Star while holding a small roasted pig.

“He’s saying I seduced him, and his fiancée wants me to die here,” Ye Wanwan replied with a light chuckle.

“Seduce him? Who?” Big Dipper examined the surroundings before his gaze finally landed on Eldest Young Master Hang.

“D*mn… seduce him??? Blah! Look at your freaking pork-chop face! You’re saying Sis Feng is seducing you? Go f*ck yourself!” Big Dipper flung the roast pig onto Eldest Young Master Hang’s face.

“You… It’s her who seduced my fiancé and extorted money from my fiancé!” Eldest Miss Sun yelled angrily at Big Dipper.

“F*cking dogsh*t!” Big Dipper turned to Eldest Miss Sun. “The president of the Fearless Alliance needs to seduce your fiancé? And extort money from your fiancé?”

“The Fearless Alliance can just rob whatever it wants,” Seven Star continued.

Disbelief filled Eldest Young Master Hang and his fiancée’s eyes when they heard the words “Fearless Alliance.”

What did they say…?

The woman in front of them was from the Fearless Alliance…? And she was the president of the Fearless Alliance?!

Bro Flattop, Bai Feng?!

“She… she’s President Fearless?!” Eldest Miss Sun exclaimed incredulously.

“Nonsense!” Big Dipper glanced at Eldest Miss Sun. “Are you freaking blind? You can’t even recognize President Fearless? Aren’t you from the Sun family…? If I recall correctly, the Sun family is located near our Fearless Alliance and is a subordinate faction that belongs to our Fearless Alliance, right?”

“Is Sun Long your father?” Seven Star asked Eldest Miss Sun.

Eldest Miss Sun nodded reflexively.

“Then that means the Sun family is getting gutsy and even dares to slander the president of the Fearless Alliance,” Seven Star said indifferently without any expression.

Eldest Miss Sun was utterly disconcerted by Seven Star’s words. She couldn’t believe that this young and sweet-looking girl was actually the president of the Fearless Alliance! That leader of the Fearless Alliance who killed people without blinking and would commit any imaginable misdeed!

“The Fearless Alliance…? What’s going on…?”

Nearby, “Worriless Nie” furrowed her brows. Wasn’t this woman’s name “Ye Wanwan” and didn’t she come from China? So how did she become the president of the Fearless Alliance in the Shen family’s banquet?!

Nie Linglong also had a strange expression on her face.

Although Nie Linglong knew Ye Wanwan was the genuine Worriless Nie, she never heard of any connection between Worriless Nie and the Fearless Alliance…

Could it be that Worriless Nie created the Fearless Alliance while she was on the outside back then?!

However, after thinking carefully about it, Nie Linglong discovered many illogical details about it.

Even if Worriless Nie really developed the Fearless Alliance, she had amnesia right now and hadn’t recovered her memories yet, so how could she regain her seat on the throne as President Fearless…?

If Worriless Nie recovered her memories, there was no way she wouldn’t reunite with Tangtang and Madam Nie! It didn’t make any sense.

Could it be that she randomly stumbled into the position of being mistaken as Bai Feng by the Fearless Alliance despite being an amnesiac…? Nie Linglong secretly wondered to herself, but it still didn’t sound right to her.

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