Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1540 - She was the President of the Fearless Alliance

Chapter 1540: She was the President of the Fearless Alliance

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The eldest young master of the Shen family had changed girlfriends countless times, and many socialites outside the Shen residence came here for Eldest Young Master Shen. If they could latch onto him, they would be able to soar to success.

Many socialites and upper-class women sneered and shook their heads. No wonder this kind of woman could attend the Shen family’s banquet… Eldest Young Master Shen took a fancy to her…

“I was wondering why this woman would kick Young Master Hang away… It turns out she has a new target. It can’t be helped though since Eldest Young Master Hang is no match for Eldest Young Master Shen,” a middle-aged upper-class woman dressed in traditional noble clothing said with a snort.

“Heh, isn’t it simple for Eldest Young Master Shen to bring a woman to the banquet…”

“We have to praise this woman for being capable of latching onto Eldest Young Master Shen though.”

Following the erupting discussion from the socialites and upper-class women, Eldest Miss Sun raised her hand and wanted to slap Ye Wanwan.

A crisp “slap” rang out, but it was because Ye Wanwan lifted her right arm to catch Eldest Miss Sun’s wrist.

“How dare you retaliate?!” Eldest Miss Sun questioned viciously.

“Scram!” Ye Wanwan was expressionless as she directed force to her arm and pushed forward slightly.

Eldest Miss Sun staggered back and became unbalanced, falling to the ground. Eldest Young Master Hang was quick though and caught Eldest Miss Sun lithely.

“You vicious woman! You used those despicable methods to seduce me… and won’t admit to extorting my money. Now, you even have the guts to hit people!” Eldest Young Master Hang said to Ye Wanwan coldly.

Although there were many upper-class ladies who were extremely disgusted with Ye Wanwan, she was personally invited by Eldest Young Master Shen, so it wasn’t proper for other people to comment on it.

“Xiao Feng, did something happen?”

At that moment, Ji Xiuran slowly walked toward them with an indescribable smile on his lips.

Surprise enveloped people when they saw Ji Xiuran showing up. This woman… actually knew Ji Xiuran?!

Could it be she also had a thing with Ji Xiuran?

But Ji Xiuran was famous for being distant from women… so what was going on…?

A chilly glint surfaced in Nie Linglong’s eyes when Ji Xiuran intervened in the matter.

At the same time, a middle-aged man in the crowd saw Ye Wanwan, and his eyes widened.

That woman… If he saw correctly… she was… probably… the president of the Fearless Alliance?!

The middle-aged man once saw President Fearless near the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters, so he had a deep impression of her.

Although the president of the Fearless Alliance dressed in a drastically different style than what he saw before, he absolutely wouldn’t mistake President Bai for anybody else!

So in other words, a bunch of people were claiming President Bai seduced the eldest young master of the Sun family?!

Wasn’t this an astronomical joke?! If Bro Flattop, the president of the Fearless Alliance, wanted a man, why would she need to seduce him?! She could just directly abduct that man! That was the Fearless Alliance’s style, no?!

“President Bai is in rather high spirits. It appears you like to argue with people now, but you’re usually a lot more gentlemanly.”

While everyone was surprised by Ji Xiuran’s appearance, an aloof man with frosty eyes walked to Ye Wanwan’s side.

“Who is that man?”

“I don’t know…”

“I previously saw Patriarch Shen talking amicably with him and called him Lord Asura…”

“Lord Asura?!”

The socialites and upper-class women were immensely astonished. Asura was one of the three core factions of Prison, and Lord Asura was the leader of Asura!

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