Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1524 - One for you, one for me

Chapter 1524: One for you, one for me

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Unable to withstand Big Dipper’s “pitiful begging,” Eldest Young Master Shen ended up helplessly handing him two invitations for the break-up banquet.

“Brother Shen… take care! Call me if you need me…” Big Dipper stood at the door and called out to Eldest Young Master Shen’s back.

Ye Wanwan was rendered speechless by Big Dipper’s behavior. Big Dipper was probably Nameless Nie’s biological long-lost brother…

“One for you, one for me.” Big Dipper took out one invitation and handed it to Seven Star.

Seven Star: “…”

“Sis Feng, Eldest Young Master Shen is truly a money bag… We have to stay in close contact with Brother Shen from now on…” Big Dipper said to Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan glanced at him but didn’t respond.

“Sis Feng, are you going to the Shen family’s banquet?” Seven Star asked her.

Ye Wanwan pondered over it for a moment before replying, “Since he gave us invitations, of course we have to go.”

“Nonsense! We’ll get extravagant presents if we go to the Shen family’s banquet. Didn’t you hear Brother Shen say he’ll give presents to anyone who comes? Whoever isn’t going, give me your invitations…” Big Dipper quickly said.

After Big Dipper and Seven Star left, Tangtang walked out from his hiding spot and sat next to Ye Wanwan docilely.

Ye Wanwan was currently taking care of some documents concerning the Fearless Alliance.

“Mommy…” Tangtang called out softly as he looked at the documents in her hands.

Ye Wanwan looked up. “What is it, Tangtang?”

“There are some problems with the documents Mommy just finished,” Tangtang replied.

“Huh?” Ye Wanwan was startled. Some problems…? But she didn’t think there were any problems…

Tangtang pulled one of the documents back out and said, “Mommy… the Ling family is located in the Prison Alliance’s territory. If the Fearless Alliance wants to attack the Ling family, they would have to obtain Prison’s agreement or else it’ll result in great trouble.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

“Tangtang’s too awesome! Mommy didn’t notice…” Ye Wanwan couldn’t resist pinching Tangtang’s fair and delicate cheeks.

Most of the daily affairs concerning the Fearless Alliance mostly involved attacking some faction, but Ye Wanwan wasn’t proficient in this area. She was thankful for Tangtang’s reminder today or else she would’ve provoked a disaster.

“Mommy, it looks like your skills in handling business affairs aren’t too great, so can Tangtang work with Mommy at the Fearless Alliance from now on?” Tangtang asked while looking at Ye Wanwan.

“Eh…” Ye Wanwan didn’t know how to reply. She wanted to bring Tangtang to the Fearless Alliance to work every day, but the Nie family definitely wouldn’t allow it…

After Ye Wanwan finished taking care of all the tedious business, she drove Tangtang and herself back to the Nie District.

That night, Ye Wanwan stayed in Tangtang’s room.

In the next few days, Ye Wanwan went to the Fearless Alliance during the day and returned to the Nie residence to keep Tangtang company in the evening.

She didn’t forget about Piece of Sh*t, Yi Shuihan’s, request, but the investigation was a bit difficult.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t figure out where to start.

In truth, the simplest method was to check their DNA, but Ye Wanwan learned that “Worriless Nie” already had her DNA checked, and it matched with Madam Nie and Patriarch Nie’s DNA and proved she was Tangtang’s biological mother.

If Ye Wanwan only based the investigation off of that, “Worriless Nie” wasn’t a fake. Yi Shuihan wasn’t dumb though, so he probably knew they checked their DNA already, so why did he still request her help to investigate?

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