Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1523 - : All famous big shots

Chapter 1523: All famous big shots

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Ye Wanwan accepted the gold bar with a beam. “Young Master Shen, you’re truly too polite… Oh, right, my two good friends are here too…”

Eldest Young Master Shen was startled. “Where are they? Tell them to come out.”

“Great White, Little Black!”

Ye Wanwan immediately called toward a corner of the office.

Virus and Great White both yawned and leisurely sauntered toward them.

Eldest Young Master Shen: “…”

“Sis Feng… You’re much! Why do Great White and Virus need a greeting gift?!” Big Dipper spun around to look at Eldest Young Master Shen. “Brother Shen… My mom was hit by a car earlier and is currently in the hospital. How about you wait a moment, and I’ll make a trip to the hospital and bring my mom here?”

“Get lost!” Ye Wanwan yelled at Big Dipper.

Big Dipper looked embarrassed and didn’t say anything else.

“Li Si…” Ye Wanwan called.

Third Elder pushed opened the door. “What are your instructions, President?”

“Eldest Young Master Shen wants to give you a greeting gift,” Ye Wanwan said.

“Huh?” Li Si was taken back. He hadn’t had any interactions with Eldest Young Master Shen, so what did the President mean by a greeting gift?

Before Li Si could think further, a gold bar appeared in front of him.

Li Si reflexively accepted the gold bar and weighed it in his hand.

“Haha, Eldest Young Master Shen, you’re too polite… Coming here to visit was fine, but why did you bring presents… Eldest Young Master Shen, there are many brothers inside the Fearless Alliance still…” Li Si said to Eldest Young Master Shen with a bright smile.

“Third Elder, how could you be like this? My Brother Shen might be rich, but he shouldn’t be used like this…” Big Dipper smiled at the dumbfounded Eldest Young Master Shen and said, “Brother Shen, my mom is still at the hospital…”

“Enough.” Ye Wanwan impatiently waved her hand. If news of this got out, where would the Fearless Alliance put their face?!

Did the Fearless Alliance lack money?!

Although the Fearless Alliance’s finances were a bit tight lately… they had to maintain their image…

“Young Master Shen, don’t worry. We were just joking with you. Our Fearless Alliance isn’t greedy for money…” Ye Wanwan comforted with a smile.

Eldest Young Master Shen was enraged instantly. “What do you mean, President Bai?! Does our Shen family lack money? Do I lack money? The Shen family has nothing except for money… You’re looking down on me!”

“Fine then.” Ye Wanwan was exasperated and turned to Li Si. “Go and summon all of the brothers and sisters in the Fearless Alliance here. Eldest Young Master Shen has greeting gifts for them…”

Before Li Si could answer, Eldest Young Master Shen laughed and interrupted, “Eh… No, I didn’t bring so many bars of gold this time… Next time… Haha, next time…”

“Alright. Did Young Master Shen come here today just to give us greeting gifts?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“President Bai, the Shen family is holding a banquet in three days. At that time, all the famous big-shots of the Independent State will come, so please attend as well, President Bai.” Eldest Young Master Shen proceeded to take out several invitations and handed them to Ye Wanwan and the others.

“Break-up banquet…”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. Did Eldest Young Master Shen have to make it so that everyone in the Independent State knew about a mere break-up…? Did he find it honorable?

“As long as you attend the Shen family’s banquet, you’ll receive luxurious presents,” Eldest Young Master Shen said jubilantly.

Big Dipper’s eyes brightened, and he grabbed Eldest Young Master Shen’s hand. “Brother Shen, give me two invitations… I also want to attend.”

“Eh…” Eldest Young Master Shen stared at Big Dipper with scrutiny. He only wanted to invite famous big-shots in the Independent State though…

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