Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1522 - The landlord’s foolish son is visiting again

Chapter 1522: The landlord’s foolish son is visiting again

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“Sis Feng, the visitors definitely aren’t friendly! The Shen family must be here to seek retribution!” Big Dipper quickly said.

“How many people from the Shen family are here?” Ye Wanwan asked Third Elder.

“Not many, just seven or eight,” Third Elder answered.

Seven or eight people… Then they probably weren’t here for retribution. If they were, they would’ve simply charged inside without a word.

Moreover, the filthy rich Shen family gave her a bar of gold as a greeting gift… So they probably wouldn’t insist on splitting hairs about the past, right…?

“Alright, got it.” Ye Wanwan nodded. “Bring Eldest Young Master Shen into my office in five minutes.”

“Understood.” Li Si nodded and retreated.

Ever since Ye Wanwan got drunk last time, Li Si had thrown away all his suspicions about Ye Wanwan and wholeheartedly considered Ye Wanwan the president of the Fearless Alliance and believed in her unconditionally.

After Li Si left, Ye Wanwan switched into a black outfit, wore a French-style aristocratic hat, and covered the lower half of her face with a black veil.

Eldest Young Master Shen saw her at the Nie residence earlier, so she couldn’t allow him to recognize her. She also had Tangtang stay hidden on the side.

Five minutes later, Eldest Young Master led seven or eight men into Ye Wanwan’s office.

“So you’re President Fearless!”

Eldest Young Master Shen hid behind his entourage of experts and only revealed a pair of eyes as he appraised Ye Wanwan.

“May I ask why Eldest Young Master Shen is visiting me today?” Ye Wanwan sounded apathetic.

“Hmph! President Fearless… back then, you stole from our Shen family’s wealth, so you must be feeling guilty and immensely scared to see me today, right?!” Eldest Young Master Shen shouted loudly as he hid behind his guards.

“…” Who’s afraid of whom?! All those experts you brought here must be responsible for protecting you, right? You’re hiding behind other people but calling me scared?

“Did Eldest Young Master Shen come here today simply to ask me if I’m scared?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Hmph. President Bai… in truth, you don’t need to be too scared. Our Shen family has nothing but money… No one in the Shen family actually remembers that you stole money from the Shen family,” Eldest Young Master Shen said.

Big Dipper interjected, “If no one remembers, why did you mention that we stole money from you as soon as you entered? I wager you remember better than anyone!”

“Eldest Young Master Shen, what do you want? Why don’t you speak frankly instead of beating around the bush?” Ye Wanwan was rather exasperated. Why did the landlord’s foolish son come here?

Eldest Young Master Shen waved his hand and gestured for the accompanying experts to move aside.

“Heh, our Shen family places the greatest importance on manners. I’m visiting the Fearless Alliance today, and it’s my first time meeting everyone today, so I can’t be lacking in greeting gifts.” Eldest Young Master Shen took out a bar of gold immediately and handed it to Seven Star. “Here, take it. Don’t be polite.”

Seven Star: “…”

Seven Star turned to Ye Wanwan and only accepted it after seeing Ye Wanwan nod. “Thank you, Young Master Shen.”

“Come, you have one too.” Eldest Young Master Shen stuffed a gold bar into Big Dipper’s hand.

“Brother Shen!!!” Big Dipper looked at him. “Brother Shen, why are you so polite? From now on… we’re brothers! You’re the elder brother, and I’m the younger brother… If you need anything, just tell me, Brother Shen. What’s your phone number, Brother Shen… Here’s my number…”

Ye Wanwan facepalmed as she watched Big Dipper. What a disgrace…

“Come, President Bai. Here’s yours.” Eldest Young Master Shen promptly walked forward and handed a gold bar to Ye Wanwan.

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