Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1525 - Ask for your help with something

Chapter 1525: Ask for your help with something

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Late at night, Ye Wanwan laid on the bed while embracing Tangtang. She called out softly, “Tangtang.”

“Mommy, I’m not asleep yet,” Tangtang replied quickly.

“Don’t you like your mommy, Tangtang…?” Ye Wanwan asked with a tinge of confusion.

Tangtang hugged Ye Wanwan tightly. “Tangtang likes Mommy…”

“I’m talking about your biological mom,” Ye Wanwan said.

Tangtang sunk into silence. A moment later, he said, “It’s not that I dislike my biological mommy, I just like you more, Mommy.”

Ye Wanwan smacked a kiss on Tangtang’s cheek.

Immediately, Tangtang returned a kiss on her cheek.

“Tangtang, what was your mom like before?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Mommy left as soon as I was born,” Tangtang answered.

Ye Wanwan’s heart ached as she looked at Tangtang. Poor Baby Tangtang, he didn’t have parents since he was born… Paternal and maternal love were probably very strange to him, huh…

For some reason, Ye Wanwan wanted to give everything she had to Tangtang, but unfortunately, she didn’t have anything…

Although she knew she wasn’t Tangtang’s biological mother, she had an indescribable feeling toward Tangtang from the first time she met him. Ye Wanwan herself didn’t know why, but she inexplicably treated him like her own son. Ye Wanwan would often even think about how good it’d be if Tangtang was really her child…

“Tangtang, did you and your mom check your DNA?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“It was checked before she returned home. There weren’t any problems,” Tangtang answered.

Ye Wanwan nodded.

That was somewhat strange then… Or perhaps, “Worriless Nie” wasn’t a fake, and Yi Shuihan was merely overly cautious?

If even “Worriless Nie’s” DNA was verified, what was there for her to investigate? Wouldn’t she be making a mountain out of a molehill?

However, if someone dared to pretend to be a daughter of the Nie family, they must’ve made adequate preparations beforehand… So could the DNA be wrong or faked…? Ye Wanwan thought to herself.

If her guess was true and even the Nie family, one of the four great clans of the Independent State, was deceived, then this matter definitely wouldn’t be so simple…

If that “Worriless Nie” was truly fake and she relentlessly pursued it, her life might be at risk.

Ye Wanwan was lost in thought for a moment.

Who am I right now?

The president of the Fearless Alliance!

I’m one of the most infamous people in the Independent State, Bro Flattop/Bai Feng! People are afraid of me! How could I be afraid of other people instead?

Moreover, the Fearless Alliance is now completely under my control, and all of the camps have pledged allegiance to me. As long as the real Bro Flattop doesn’t come back, I’m Bai Feng!

Even if I relentlessly pursue this matter and, to take it further, brazenly investigate this matter, who would dare to cause trouble with my Fearless Alliance?

“Oh right, Tangtang… can Mommy ask for your help with something?” Ye Wanwan quietly asked while looking at Tangtang.

“Yes, Mommy, tell me.” Tangtang nodded.

Ye Wanwan leaned close to Tangtang’s ear.

Tangtang looked a bit astonished when he heard what she said. “Mommy… why… do you want that?”

“Be good, Tangtang. Mommy can’t tell you yet… but can Tangtang do it?” Ye Wanwan smiled.

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