Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1514 - Could it be that I’m the real Worriless Nie?

Chapter 1514: Could it be that I’m the real Worriless Nie?

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This man looked very familiar… as though she’d seen him before…

Ye Wanwan abruptly recalled how she was assassinated for no reason back in China… And this man was amongst the group that hunted her…

Turbulent emotions stormed through her mind.

This man looked like he was under Nie Linglong…

Could it be that the mastermind behind my assassination was Nie Linglong?!

However, I wasn’t connected with Nie Linglong in any way back then and didn’t know her, so why did she want to assassinate me? What was her objective?!

Many details surfaced in Ye Wanwan’s mind in an instant.

When Nameless Nie went to China back then, he said he wanted to find his younger sister, Worriless Nie… He even once said I resembled his sister…

Later, Tangtang came to China to search for his mother, and we met.

After “Worriless Nie” was found in the Independent State… Nameless Nie suspected this Worriless was a fake.

Even Piece of Sh*t, Yi Shuihan, asked me to help him investigate.

Coincidentally, before I left China, Nie Linglong sent people to assassinate me…

Could it be…

Shock and disbelief enveloped Ye Wanwan…

Hypothetically speaking, what if she was Worriless Nie…

Ye Wanwan felt like something was off about it still.

If she really was Worriless Nie, then Nie Linglong was her younger sister. So why did her sister want to kill her?

Moreover, Nameless Nie would be her brother and Madam Nie would be her mother.

Could it be that her real brother and mother couldn’t recognize her at all?!

Wasn’t this too unbelievable…

No matter what, Nie Linglong and the man who tried to kill her had an undeniable connection!

Ye Wanwan glanced at Nie Linglong and smiled indifferently. “You have a good relationship with your elder sister indeed. Brother Nameless told me that you were adopted by Worriless Nie when you were young. If it weren’t for Worrieless Nie, you would’ve died on the outside already. There’s no way you would’ve become a daughter of the Nie family and sat in a bed of luxury and honor, nor would you have been able to go to some Scarlet Flames Academy and become a legendary student.”

When Nie Linglong heard Ye Wanwan’s words, her face darkened immediately, especially when Ye Wanwan said “adopted,” but she quickly concealed it.

“Heh, yes. It appears you do have a good relationship with my eldest brother. He even told you about this… That’s right, I was adopted by Elder Sister. If it weren’t for Elder Sister, I would be dead already.” Nie Linglong smiled. “I’m very grateful toward Eldest Sister Worriless.”

“Then as her younger sister, why did you purposefully break Worriless Nie’s records at Scarlet Flames Academy?” Ye Wanwan intentionally asked with a curious expression.

Nie Linglong narrowed her eyes, surveying Ye Wanwan.

Before Nie Linglong could reply, the female mercenary student behind Nie Linglong snorted and looked at Ye Wanwan. “What does that have to do with you? How could an insolent nobody like you comment about our Scarlet Flames Academy’s business?”

The male student also coldly butted in. “You should get your role straight in your head before visiting someone’s house.”

“F*ck you!” Nameless Nie swung his hand and ruthlessly slapped the top of the male student’s head.

A second later, the male student flew several meters back and landed harshly on the floor with a bang.

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