Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1515 - Adopt as a foster daughter

Chapter 1515: Adopt as a foster daughter

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Nameless Nie’s sudden outburst caught everyone off guard; even Ye Wanwan froze in her spot.

“Who do you two little b*stards think you are? Is my sworn brother someone you can ridicule?” Nameless Nie shouted indignantly while pointing at the two mercenary students.

Nameless Nie stared at them. “I’ll give you three seconds. When I count to one, I’ll beat you to death if you’re still in front of me.”

“Eldest Brother, what are you doing?!” Nie Linglong walked forward and looked at Nameless Nie.

“What bullsh*t junior brothers and junior sisters do you have? How dare they speak to my friend like this?” Nameless Nie said.

“Eldest Brother, they just have straightforward personalities and speak the truth without thinking! How could you have attacked them?!” Nie Linglong questioned.

“Eldest Brother, you truly went too far!” “Worriless Nie” also added in agreement by the side. “If word of this gets out, what would happen to the Nie family’s reputation?!”

“What? You both want to revolt?!” Nameless Nie glanced at “Worriless Nie” and Nie Linglong. “I’m the oldest brother in this family. Whatever I say goes! If you don’t respect the friends I bring back, that’s slapping my face! Don’t blame me for skinning you two!” Nameless Nie coldly declared.

Ye Wanwan dazedly stared at Nameless Nie.

His sense of protection is freaking brimming to the max! Why didn’t I find out about this before… Should I treat him better in the future…?

“Nameless Nie, you’re acting rudely!” Madam Nie suddenly reproached.

“Mom, my friend was just randomly chatting about domestic trivia, how is that…” Nameless Nie asked her.

“I’m calling you insolent, not Wanwan.” Madam Nie frowned.

“Hmph! I’ve been insolent since I was born!” Nameless Nie snorted, but he didn’t say anything else.

“We’ll leave now…”

the two mercenary students said to Nie Linglong and Madam Nie.

Before leaving, they fiercely glared at Ye Wanwan and studied her face before leaving the Nie residence without looking back.

“Miss Wanwan, we have business at home today, so please head back now. We won’t be seeing you out,” “Worriless Nie” said coldly while staring at Ye Wanwan.

Before Ye Wanwan could reply, Madam Nie countered. “Since you’re here already, you should stay for lunch. Tangtang should be back soon.”

“Mom…” Nie Linglong looked at Madam Nie with incomprehension.

“This is your brother’s friend. Don’t be so rude!” Madam Nie’s brows were closely furrowed together.

Even Madam Nie herself didn’t understand why her affections for Ye Wanwan grew the more she looked at her or why she wanted Ye Wanwan to stay longer.

“Thank you, auntie…” Ye Wanwan smiled sweetly at Madam Nie.

A smile automatically spread across Madam Nie’s face when she saw Ye Wanwan’s beam.

“Oh right… Wanwan, Nameless said you’re sworn brothers with him just now?” Madam Nie asked all of a sudden.

Ye Wanwan was startled. When did she become sworn brothers with Nameless Nie… It was all made up by Nameless Nie…

However, since Madam Nie asked, Ye Wanwan couldn’t make Nameless Nie lose face, so she nodded and replied, “Um… yes… Brother Nameless and I are sworn brothers…”

“Ah.” Madam Nie contemplated for a moment before suggesting, “Since it’s like that, how about I adopt you as my foster daughter, Wanwan?”

Disbelief filled the faces of Nie Linglong and “Worriless Nie” when they heard that.

The madam of the Nie family wanted to adopt this woman as a foster daughter?! What kind of joke was this?!

Ye Wanwan herself was also astonished. They just met, but Madam Nie wanted to take her in as a foster daughter…?

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