Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1513 - Always replaced

Chapter 1513: Always replaced

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Nameless Nie had no choice but to surrender and admit defeat to regain his freedom.

Now, someone with Worriless Nie’s personality would actually admit she was weaker than Nie Linglong? What a serious change in personality.

“Worriless Nie” glanced at Nameless Nie before indifferently saying, “Eldest Brother, we’re a family after all. Younger Sister Linglong is stronger than me, so she’s stronger than me. Why must I try to compete with her? Anyway, it’s the truth that she’s stronger than me, and I still have much to learn before I can compare to her. Even if I don’t admit it, it’s still the truth.”

Nameless Nie was too lazy to respond to her. It had nothing to do with him regarding which of the two was stronger.

Nie Linglong had a bright smile on her face until she suddenly saw Ye Wanwan from the corners of her eyes. She started. Why was this woman at the Nie residence?!

“Why are you here?!” Nie Linglong asked with a frown while staring at Ye Wanwan.

“Heh, Younger Sister, Miss Wanwan misses Tangtang, so she specifically came to the Independent State from China in order to see Tangtang,” Worriless Nie answered with a snort.

Nie Linglong was startled. She saw this woman at the Ji residence last time, but wasn’t her name Bai Feng…? And didn’t she have a good relationship with Ji Xiuran? Why was her name Wanwan now…?

Nie Linglong suddenly realized something, and emotions raged through her eyes.

Wanwan… China… Once took care of Tangtang…

Nie Linglong stared at Ye Wanwan, her fists clenched and a cold glint flickering through her eyes.

If that was true, then this woman in front of her was most likely the true Worriless Nie…

Back then, Nie Linglong learned from Spray of Flowers that Feng Xuanyi once told them this woman was the true Worriless Nie…

After that, Nie Linglong hired quite a few mercenaries from the Independent State to eliminate her.

Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed…

Who would’ve expected this d*mn woman would actually come to the Independent State?!

No wonder… No wonder Ji Xiuran treated this stupid woman like that…

Ji Xiuran probably knew her true identity. Otherwise, why would he be so intimate with her? Even if Ji Xiuran didn’t know, he had to have been attracted by her inherent nature!

However, the only fortunate thing was that Worriless Nie seemed to have lost her memories. This was more than enough for Nie Linglong.

Her identity would be forever replaced by someone else!

“Heh, so it’s Miss Wanwan. We meet again,” Nie Linglong greeted Ye Wanwan with a light chuckle.

Ye Wanwan nodded calmly.

She could feel her head swimming; she had completely forgotten about Nie Linglong.

Several days ago, she went to the Ji residence with Bai Feng’s identity and coincidentally ran into Nie Linglong. Now, she came to the Nie residence with Ye Wanwan’s identity and ran into Nie Linglong again…

If Nie Linglong exposed her identity like this, the Fearless Alliance would probably…

She had to start making plans now.

“Oh right, if Miss Wanwan likes children so much, why don’t you have one yourself…? Why are you so fixated on my sister’s child? Isn’t that a little improper, Miss Wanwan?” Nie Linglong asked Ye Wanwan with a smile on her lips.

The two young mercenaries next to Nie Linglong also examined Ye Wanwan when they heard that.

Before Ye Wanwan could reply, a young man entered the house.

The man swiftly walked toward Nie Linglong and quietly spoke next to her ear.

Ye Wanwan was startled when she saw this young man, surprise surfacing in her eyes.

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