Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1512 - Insult the sky, insult the earth, insult the air

Chapter 1512: Insult the sky, insult the earth, insult the air

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Madam Nie glanced at the woman and gently said, “Worriless, Miss Wanwan is a guest and also your brother’s friend.”

“Mom… I’m not targeting Miss Wanwan, but the situation is unusual anyway… I don’t think Tangtang wants to see her either,” the woman said to Madam Nie.

“Enough, Worriless, don’t be so inconsiderate.” Madam Nie’s brows were furrowed as she looked at Worriless Nie.

Since Madam Nie said that, the woman had no choice but to nod and quietly say, “Mom, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Undisguised loathing surfaced in the woman’s eyes. She remembered that Madam Nie disliked this woman a lot in the video call last time, so why did her attitude change today…?

Also, wasn’t this woman from China? Why did she suddenly run to the Independent State and show up at the Nie residence?

“Wanwan, Worriless isn’t purposefully targeting you, so don’t take it to heart,” Madam Nie comforted Ye Wanwan with a smile.

Ye Wanwan nodded with a smile of her own. “Auntie, no worries. I understand.”

Nameless Nie stood on the side and couldn’t help but shake his head. Look at the gigantic difference between Worriless Nie and Boss Famous!

Before Madam Nie could continue, Nie Linglong entered the living room with a young man and young woman behind her.

“Greetings, Madam Nie.”

The two youths greeted at the same time while looking at Madam Nie.

Madam Nie nodded and turned to Nie Linglong. “Linglong, these two are…?”

“Mom, they’re students from Scarlet Flames Academy, so they’re technically my junior brother and sister. They were passing by Nie District today and came to visit,” Nie Linglong replied with a smile.

Madam Nie nodded.

Both Worriless Nie and Nie Linglong were legendary students at Scarlet Flames Academy back then, so it was normal for students to visit.

“You must be Senior Sister Worriless Nie…” the young woman standing behind Nie Linglong said with a smile as she looked at Worriless Nie.

“Worriless Nie” nodded and replied, “I am.”

“Senior Sister Worriless is our Scarlet Flames Academy’s legend… You once created many records at the Academy… It’s truly an immense honor to be able to meet Senior Sister Worriless today…”

“Worriless Nie” immediately shook her head. “It’s nothing. All the records I created were broken by Linglong, so if we have to name Scarlet Flames Academy’s legend, it’s Linglong who deserves the title. I still have much to learn compared to Linglong.”

The Scarlet Flames students naturally knew about Nie Linglong breaking Worriless Nie’s records. Just as Worriless Nie said, there was indeed a great difference between her and Nie Linglong.

“Wow, I never knew. When did you become so low-profile and humble?” Nameless Nie glanced at “Worriless Nie.”

Although Nameless Nie could count the number of times Worriless Nie returned to the Nie residence with one hand, he had never forgotten her personality.

She would insult the sky, insult the earth, and insult the air. She only allowed herself to be stronger than other people, and other people couldn’t be stronger than her.

Back then, when Worriless Nie returned to the Nie residence and ran into Nameless Nie, she insisted on comparing notes with him.

A mere three moves and Worriless Nie was defeated by Nameless Nie. However, Worriless Nie wouldn’t accept the outcome and kept challenging him but never lasted more than three moves.

In the end, while Nameless Nie was sleeping, Worriless Nie snuck into his bedroom and tied him up with a rope. She threatened him by saying she wouldn’t release him unless he admitted defeat.

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